Linus Torvalds
Linus Torvalds


When it comes to security, no other Operating system competes with Linux. Linux today powers a simple 15$ computer to a billion dollar super computer. Linux is every where. It is inside your smartphone, your browser, your smartwatch.

The big names in tech Industry, Google, Amazon and Facebook are being powered by Linux. Even NASA trusts and use Linux.

9 out of the 10 world’s super computers run on Linux. Linux is the largest collaborative development project in the history of computing.

Linux is named after its creator Linus Torvalds. Every Linux geek might be aware of who he is. Linus Torvalds is touted as the father of Linux.

Having been fed up with the existing Operating systems, Linus started developing his own OS as a hobby and it turned out as Linux. Today at the age of 47 Linus still maintains Linux and announces new Linux kernel updates. He is a real geek.

It is estimated that Linux kernel has a code base of approximately 20 million lines. Well have you ever wondered what was the first line of code written by Linus Torvalds?
In a interview to Bloomberg, Torvalds shared his early love on coding and programming.

Linus revealed that he started with his grandfather’s commodore VIC -20.
According to his sister Sara, Torvalds first code was a two lined “GOTO” program that repeated the string “Sara is the best” in order to impress her.

Well here is the video of Linus Torvalds interview to Bloomberg.

So what was your first line of code? Drop your first code in the comments below. Let’s see who wrote better code.

  • Linux Enthusiast

    My first line of code was “Hello World” in visual basic.

    NOTE: parapgraph 6, last line, the word could doesn’t make much sense in there. Did I understand it wrong?

    • curiouspost

      TQ for updating about the typo error

  • Mark A Nohner

    My 1st was turn on n-and gate #1, in machine language. But I digress….

    • curiouspost



  • prasanta karmakar

    Frankly speaking, my first code was on the year of 2001. That time i was on GW basic. My code was to display some Charecter string(my name obviously) used command print “Prasanta Karmakar”;

    Too funny.

    • curiouspost

      Every programmers first line of code was obviously mixed up with fun

  • vijay

    Great 🙂
    Everyone’s first line of code is funny.

    • curiouspost


  • Riley Durant

    that was a bad day……

    • CuriousPost

      Lost everything?

      • Nicolae Crefelean

        Nah, couldn’t have. There’s no space after rm. :))

        bash: rm-rf: command not found

    • mikaere66

      Typing in one command in bash is hardly programming, especially for two reasons: your code is full of bugs, and (if it did work) that particular command just sucks!

  • 陳珂磊(Neo Chen)

    void main()
    printf (“Hello, World!n”);

    • CuriousPost

      C language? Nice

    • CuriousPost

      C language…! Nice

  • Steve

    10 let i = 0
    20 print i
    30 i = i +1
    40 goto 20

    • CuriousPost


      • Steve

        Yes. Apple Basic on an Apple 2e.