Here is the First Line of Code Written by Linus Torvalds, the Man Behind Linux.

Ganesh Venigalla

Besides Gravity, nothing keeps me down😎

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19 Responses

  1. Linux Enthusiast says:

    My first line of code was “Hello World” in visual basic.

    NOTE: parapgraph 6, last line, the word could doesn’t make much sense in there. Did I understand it wrong?

  2. Mark A Nohner says:

    My 1st was turn on n-and gate #1, in machine language. But I digress….

  3. ANeo says:


  4. prasanta karmakar says:

    Frankly speaking, my first code was on the year of 2001. That time i was on GW basic. My code was to display some Charecter string(my name obviously) used command print “Prasanta Karmakar”;

    Too funny.

  5. vijay says:

    Great 🙂
    Everyone’s first line of code is funny.

  6. Riley Durant says:

    that was a bad day……

  7. 陳珂磊(Neo Chen) says:

    void main()
    printf (“Hello, World!n”);

  8. Steve says:

    10 let i = 0
    20 print i
    30 i = i +1
    40 goto 20