7 Best Covers for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Protecting your smartphone is quite essential because it is one expensive and important entity that helps us in our day to day routine. Smartphones have become a source of entertainment, shopping, travelling, work and a lot more. These small yet complex devices has brought the entire world in our hands.

Gone are those days when mobile phones used to come with hard keypad and small display with very limited features. Nowadays, mobile phones have become much more smarter and comes with large touch screens to facilitate execution of multiple applications on the same platform.

One of the major contenders in the race of best smartphones is Galaxy S8 plus by Samsung. This is smartphone has been in the market for quite long and has remained the primary choice of many smartphone enthusiasts.

The aesthetic looks of this phone has resulted in the formation of various designer Galaxy S8 plus covers that are primary focused on protecting the phone from any accidental falls or bumps. On the other hand, these cases also enhances the beauty of the phone.

Here is a list of some of the best Galaxy S8 plus covers that you can choose to safeguard your phone.

Samsung S8 plus covers by dailyobject

1. Black matte reveal case by Daily Object

This is an eye catching option available at the daily object store which comes in premium Black matte finish. This case offers a smooth and tactile feel in your hand which ensures protection of your precious smartphone under every circumstance. This case is built with high quality polycarbonate material which makes it ultra light yet strong. The superior grip of this case makes it a best option for those who like to use their smartphone while moving.

2. UAG Pathfinder Case

The UAG Pathfinder case for Samsung Galaxy s8 offers a very lightweight and built for a great shock resistance. This cover has been tested according to military drop test standards to ensure the safety of your phone. The heavy textures on the backside provides extra grip to the holder.

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3. Otterbox Defender Case

If you are not worried about adding a little bit of bulge on your phone, this Galaxy s8 plus cover by OtterBox is one of the best options for you. Thus cover is big and bulky which witnesses best-in-class drop protection and it comes with a certified Otterbox’s Drop+ protection. This cover is also available in dual tone colours which makes your phone look more appealing.

4. Lifeproof Free

If you are an adventure and looking for a case that protects your phone from harsh environment and water also, this is the case for you. Lifeproof free also offers a built in screen protector that enhances the security of your phone. This case can protect your phone under 2 metre water for up to 1 hours. Even though this case is pretty bulky, you can easily navigate to the socket and buttons of the smartphone.

5. Patchworks ITG Level Case

The amalgamation of shock absorbing TPU with strong poly-carbonate shell is one of the best features offered by patchworks in its cases to protect your smartphone. This lightweight cover is a great option for Samsung S8 plus.

6. Tech 21 Evo Go Case

One might find this case as a typical thick and rugged protective layer but the real leather trim on its back enhances the beauty of it. This case is made with flex shock material which offer three-layer impact protection. Apart from that, this case also provides a hidden card storage.

7. Inked blue case cover by daily object

This case by daily object is one of the best options if you are willing to show off the stunning design of Samsung S8 plus. Built with soft and flexible TPU material, this case fits perfectly and easily over your smartphone while revealing its edges and curves. It adds minimal bulk to your smartphone and enhances it’s beauty on the back.

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So if you own a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus then these mobile cases and covers are worth checking because of their modern designs and reliable build quality. These cases aren’t like the usual cases you find across different e-commerce portals.

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7 Best Covers for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

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