Learn How to Build a 8-bit Computer From Scratch Using Breadboards

CuriousBytes: This article is about a guy who has built an 8-bit computers right from scratch using regular electronic parts. Ben Eater has demonstrated and documented how he built a basic 8-bit Computer. His work might help many people to understand how computers​ work. Read more and make your own 8-bit computer.

Back in 90’s computers used to occupy huge rooms that are filled with gigantic machines. But they laid solid foundations to the world we are living in.

world's first computer
First Computer

Now we have machines that are thousands of times powerful than what our elders used to have. But have you ever wondered​ how they work and are built?

If you are an electronics student then you might have some theoritical knowledge about basic electronics and basic understanding about how computers work?

Well as a student, our brains are overloaded with tonnes of information. If you are curious to learn about how stuff works around you and gain some practical experience then this article will definitely inspire you.

How to Make an 8-Bit Computer?

Ben Eater, an electronics hobbyist and YouTuber has created a series of videos that explains you about creating a 8-bit computer using Breadboards and regular electronic components that are used in DIY and hobby projects.

These videos give a detailed insights about building a programmable computer from simple logic gates on breadboards.

With his videos, Ben wants to help students and DIY hobbyist with no prior knowledge build their own computers, learn and understand about them in a better way.

He has documented his work and published them as videos on YouTube. You can also find the tutorials on his website also.

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Here is an introductory video of Ben Eater’s YouTube videos series about building a computer using Breadboards:

On his website Ben listed all the required components that are needed for this project. He has also provided links to online portals from where you purchase them easily.

According to him, the overall cost of this project was just $150 – $200 which include shipping costs.

Some of you might question about the usage and the necessity of building this computer by spending such amount. Well it’s not about the machine, but it’s about the knowledge you gain from it.

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So go through his videos and build your own breadboard computer and explore how machines work. Here are the quick links to his YouTube channel and website.

If you want to explore more such DIY projects, then learn how to build your own Hardware USB firewall. Also learn more about computers using this $6 computer that runs on Linux.

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Learn How to Build a 8-bit Computer From Scratch Using Breadboards

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