Bill Gates Has Finally Switched To Android

It seems like folks at Microsoft are taking u-turn towards technologies and products that it once slashed.

It is a well-known fact that Microsoft is left far behind Android in the war of operating systems mobile and desktop combined) Microsoft lost its bet on the mobile operating system by bidding on Nokia and windows os for mobile.

Also in the server business, it lost the market share to Linux and eventually Microsoft has embraced Linux by announcing SQL server for Linux and developing a windows subsystem for Linux(WSL).

Richard Stallman the messiah of GNU and the Opensource activist had opinioned that Microsoft’s love for Linux will extinguish the free software.

Well, it is just a day and Microsoft is into the news again. This time it’s the Ex-CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates is spotted using an Android phone.

It has been a year that Microsoft has discontinued the Windows Phone after Microsoft Lumia devices failed utterly to grab the market share from iOS and Android and the co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates might have thought that it’s time to move on.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday(first spotted by MSFT). Bill Gates revealed that he has switched to a customised Android device which is loaded with a bundle of apps developed by Microsoft Corporation. He didn’t reveal the exact model of the device but it might probably be a Microsoft Edition Samsung S8 handset.

Earlier this year Microsoft started selling customised Samsung Galaxy S8 handsets in its retail stores. This added fuel to the speculation. These devices include pre-installed Microsoft apps like One Drive, Office and Microsoft’s Personal Assistant Cortana.

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In spite of having a good relationship with Steve Jobs, Bill gates have banned the use of Apple devices at home. Bill gates still use Windows PC’s. It seems like this is the first time he switched to platforms other than Windows.

What do you think of this move by Bill Gates? Do you think that Microsoft is trying to gain a monopoly in operating systems war by making Android and Linux as its subsystems?

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Tell us your views in the comments below, about the recent moves of Microsoft over other Operating systems.

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Bill Gates Has Finally Switched To Android

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