Coming Soon! Android Pay, an upgraded version of Google Wallet

As we all know Google has named its latest Android version as Android Marshmallow (Android M). Along with it many are excited to know about another latest buzz created by Google, that is Android Pay.

Recently banners of Android pay are added as an update to the Google wallet. The main aim of Android Pay is to pay securely and safely by a single click/tap. In Google Wallet you add your debit card account and transfer money to this wallet from the account. Money in the wallet can be used in stores, apps etc. Just like a normal wallet provided by other apps.

What’s new in Android Pay?

In this too, debit card account is to be added to it. Instead of fumbling through our wallet in groceries, shops simply unlock the phone, place the phone at the contact less terminal of the machine. There is no need to open the app. Just a tap and your bill will be paid. Loyalty points, gift cards and offers can also be applied by using select merchant option during check out.

Android Pay

Is it secure?

Your Card number is hidden from the receiver. Instead a virtual account number is used during the transaction. So your card details can be safe.

Can we know the details of transaction?

You can also track your transaction. Once payment confirmation is received it shows the details of merchant and his account, so any suspicious activity or fake transactions can be identified easily.

What happens when phone is lost?

No need to worry. There is no necessity to cancel the credit cards whose details are saved in the phone. You can also use Android Device Manager to lock your phone and wipe out all your personal information.

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Currently Debit cards from the US Financial Institutions like VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS can be added. Another tech giant Apple has already launched its very own payment system, Apple Pay.

Hoping like all other Google’s products, this will also be a huge success and will make our shopping secure and easier.

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Coming Soon! Android Pay, an upgraded version of Google Wallet

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