The 1980’s Game, Developed By Bill Gates Is Now Available On iPhone and Apple Watch.

Bill Gates, the man behind the Redmond Giant Microsoft and the world’s richest man is also known for his philanthropic efforts. Before Co-Founding Microsoft, Bill Gates used to play with code and developed several computer programs. Bill Gates hacked his school’s computer to meet girls, hacked into a computer of a major company and also he Co-Programmed the world’s first PC game.

DONKEY.BAS, it is a simple driving game written by Bill Gates along with his friend Neil Konzen. It was programmed using BASIC programming language on a prototype IBM machine and is available for free with the early versions of MS-DOS operating system for IBM PCs.

Donkey_bas game

Image: iTunes

The theme of the game is to avoid the asses on the road. This classic game is now available on iOS and Apple Watch. Developer Johnny Ixe developed the iOS version of the app and made it available on the App Store as He recreated it to support the Apple devices. Everything looks similar except the machine running it. Well it is not for free, you can download it  from the App Store for just 0.99$.

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Don’t have an iPhone?

Well if you don’t have an iPhone in your pocket don’t worry you can actually play this game which is developed by Microsoft founder. You don’t actually need to travel through time, just click on the below link and enjoy the 1980’s retro style game.

To run this game a simulation is configured for a clock speed of 4.77Mhz, with 64Kb of RAM and a CGA display, using the original IBM PC Model 5150 ROM BIOS and CGA font ROM. This configuration also includes a predefined state, with PC-DOS 1.0 already booted and DONKEY.BAS ready to run.

And now that PCx86 automatically saves all your changes (subject to the limits of your browser’s local storage), you can even close the browser in the middle of a game of DONKEY, and the next time you load this page, your progress (and the donkey) will be perfectly restored.

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The 1980’s Game, Developed By Bill Gates Is Now Available On iPhone and Apple Watch.

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