Hacker runs Android Marshmallow on Microsoft Lumia 525!

If you are a tech freak you might have heard of the news that Nokia is set to launch a series of Android devices soon.

Are you one among those Nokia fans waiting to taste the Android flavor from the Finnish giant?

If you can’t wait, then this exciting news is for you. It’s time to get back your old Nokia Lumia phones from your cupboards. There is something exciting to tinker with them.

Coming into details, a hacker named Triszka Balázs has demonstrated Android Marshmallow running on the Lumia 525.

This hack was made possible after Microsoft accidentally leaked it’s secure boot key. The keys leaked by Microsoft will allow users with admin rights to install any operating system — like Linux or Android — on their Windows PCs, smartphones, or tablets.

Triszka Balázs writes that he has a “reset vector exploit only for S4 SOC series” and that any device that supports WP Internal for bootloader unlock. It can run Android. He also added that he will soon release the developer preview soon.

Here is the video of the Lumia 525 running Android Marshmallow:

The video clearly demonstrates the booting of Android Marshmallow using Cyanogen Mod.

All the features seems to be working at ease on Lumia 525. The hacker mentioned that it was a hardwork to get all the drivers working around.

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We are pretty sure that in nearby future we may soon run OS of our choice on our smartphone just like that we do in PC’s and enjoy the cool features of different Mobile operating systems without changing the device.

Best prices of the season! Starting at ₹360.

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Hacker runs Android Marshmallow on Microsoft Lumia 525!

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