Did You Hear The Default Ringtones Of the Linux Phone Librem 5?

CuriousBytes: Purism, the company that is working on the development of a Linux phone, has unveiled the default ringtones that will be featured on the upcoming Linux based Librem 5 phone.

Purism, the makers of Librem 5 phone held a community contest to pick a unique Purism Librem 5 ringtone. The contest has received a huge response and the team has selected five winning tones, one in each category, from the pool of overwhelming responses.

The selected ringtones were categorised into Phone call, Video call, Power on chime, Text message and New email notification tones.

“Congratulations to all the winners, and many thanks to all who participated! The #1-ranked sounds above will be featured as the default sounds used by the Librem 5 phone. You will, of course, be able to choose to use your own sounds if you prefer—it is, after all, your phone,” they write in their announcement.

Earlier the Ubuntu phone featured a default ringtone by Sam Hulick, a MassEffect composer. The latest Librem 5 phone ringtones were liberally licensed under a free work culture licence.

Check out the Default ringtones of Purism Librem 5 Linux Phone:

Librem 5 Phone Call:

Librem 5 Video Call:

Power-On Chime:

Message Notification:

Email Notification:

You can go through the other submissions and pay a glance to all the submissions at Purism blog.

Did you love the latest Purism ringtones? What do you think of these tones? Tell us your opinion in the comments below. Meanwhile, check out the specs of the next-gen Linux Phone.

More About Librem 5 Smartphone:

Librem 5 is a Privacy focussed open platform, Linux powered smartphone, which comes with features like End to End encryption. It is the worlds first encrypted smartphone.

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Features of Librem 5 from Purism are:

  • Encrypted calling, masking your phone number
  • Email and text message encryption
  • VPN services for browsing protection
  • Support for any 2G/3G/4G, GSM, UMTS, or LTE network
  • Powered by PureOS or GNU+Linux distributions
  • Source code publicly available
  • Hardware kill switch.

To add an extra layer of security, the phone runs isolated apps in a sandboxed environment to protect users privacy and data.

The Linux community is excited to get their hands-on the Librem 5. Will have to check whether the phone follows the trails of Ubuntu phone or will it revolutionize the smartphone segment.

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Source: Purism blog via OMG! Ubuntu!

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Did You Hear The Default Ringtones Of the Linux Phone Librem 5?

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