Have You Ever Wondered How Linux is Built and Maintained?

Linux is one of the technological innovation ever created. Today Linux powers more 90% of web servers.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon are mostly built on Linux. Even Microsoft showed its love towards Linux. That’s the power of Linux.

Did you ever get a question in mind about How Linux is built, organised and maintained?

If yes then this article will help you know how Linux is built?

Started as a hobby project by Linus Torvalds, Today Linux is literally everywhere with nearly 20 million lines of kernel code base.


The best thing about Linux is no one owns Linux. Unlike other operating systems like Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s Mac and iOS. It doesn’t belong any big company.
It is open source. Anyone can you Linux under GPU licence. It is the community that develops Linux that power Linux. Linux is built collaboratively across companies, geographies and markets.

Linux has huge community of more than 10000 developers and 1000 companies , helping it to move towards the future.


A new kernel comes out every 2-3 months. This sort of speed is achieved by employing a unique collaborative developing technique. This technique has made Linux as the biggest collaborative development product.

Here is a short video which helps you visualise this approach in depth.

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Have You Ever Wondered How Linux is Built and Maintained?

by Ganesh Venigalla time to read: 1 min