How to Customize Folder Colors On Linux?

CuriousBytes: If you are the Linux user who always finds ways to customise your desktop the way you want, then this article is for you as it guides you to customise the colours of folders in your File manager.

Linux gives you the freedom to customise anything that you install on your machine. Whether it be the desktop or be it themes there are several options available to customize the Linux installation to suit your tastes. There are several themes and icon sets that allow you to redesign the look and feel of the desktop.

But they have few options or almost no possibility of folder customization. For those who are looking for ways to customise folders in Linux, we would like to share you about an app that allows you to do the job for you.

Folder Color for Linux:

The name it itself pretty much describes everything that can be done by the utility. Folder Color is a small utility that allows you to add colours to the same old boring folders that are organised in your file manager. It lets you add some vibrancy to your folders and colour code them based on the type of files you store in the folders.

Folder colour is freely available as an open source app and you can install it for free in your Linux installation.

Why would you want to change the folder colours?

If this is something that is running in your mind, then there is supportive reason for using this utility to colour code your folders.

Color coding your folders for different types content like documents, videos and pictures will help you identify them easily and improve the productivity. It would be easy if you are in a hurry to search files in folders. For instance, you can change colours of different subdirectories of photos(be it your holiday collection, or your business trips collection) in the photo directory.

Color coding

What would You prefer? The LEFT one or the RIGHT one?

Apart from that, sprinkling colours on your folders in a way that reflects your style also makes it look beautiful and unique. The most interesting thing of all is that you can change the colours with just a simple click. No coding skills required.

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Requirements To Install Folder Color:

Earlier the app only supported Ubuntu Linux as it comes with Nautilus. But now the app is ported to support almost all the major Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, openSUSE, Arch… and many others that comes with Nautilus, Nemo or Caja File Browsers.

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As of now, The utility is not compatible with every icon set out there but does play nicely with a number of popular Linux icon themes, including:

  • Humanity (default Ubuntu icon theme)
  • Papirus 
  • Numix
  • Vibrancy Colors
  • Vivacious Collars.

How To Install Folder Colors Utility In Linux?

Now that you are pretty much aware of everything about Folder Color app for Linux. It’s time to install this in your Linux box to give a try.

For Ubuntu Linux:

Ubuntu users can install the app directly from software centre. A simple search will quickly navigate you to the app. You can also install the app in your Ubuntu by clicking on the below button.


For Linux Mint:

Linux Mint comes with Nemo file browser by default and in order to install folder colours run the following commands in terminal.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:costales/folder-color
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install folder-color-nemo
nemo -q

If you are aware of the file browser(Caja, Nemo and Nautilus) you are using then you can follow the installation instructions listed here. Also if the installation instructions for your Linux distro is not listed you can check the development page where you can find the source files so that so you can install it by compiling from source. The latest version tarballs are also available to download.

How To Use Folder Colors?

Once the tool is successfully installed you can simply perform a right-click on any folder which will open the options menu. Now scroll a bit down to find the Folder’s Color Option. Hovering the mouse pointer on it will open the overflow menu from which you can choose your favourite colour for that folder.

Using Folder Colors in Linux

Using Folder Colors in Linux

If you don’t like the default colours you can add your own custom colours as well. The app includes a ‘default’ option to quickly reset folders back to your icon theme’s default colour, and you can colourize multiple folders at once by selecting them, and then right-clicking on one of them.

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This is definitely one of the best utility available for customizing Linux. So give a try for this utility. Let others know of this awesome tool by sharing this with your friends. For more such Linux tips follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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If you face any difficulty in installation or usage feel free to reach us through comments.

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5 Responses

  1. Kirk M says:

    Just so you know, Linux Mint already has a function to change the color of folders either all the folders in the system (via System Settings/Themes or individually (right-clicking a folder and selecting a color). This function is already a default feature for the Cinnamon and MATE editions. I’m not sure about their XFce edition.

  2. Peter says:

    This doesn’t work with Linux Mint 19! Any ideas please?

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How to Customize Folder Colors On Linux?

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