Huawei’s Honor View 10 is the Future of the Smartphone Industry

Brief: Honor, the sub-brand of Chinese smartphone giant Huawei has silently listed its next Generation smartphone, Honor View 10 that is powered by AI. Check out the complete details of Huawei Honor View 10.

Whenever the world looks at new trends, Huawei places a model for them with unique and attractive features. The same trend has been observed when Huawei announced Honor View 10 back in November 2017.

Honor View 10 or Honor V10 is going to be the next flagship of the Chinese Smartphone Giant Huawei. If there is any technology that has gained a huge traction across the world, it would be the Artificial Intelligence. So far the fruits of Artificial Intelligence are being reaped by companies with big names in the technology industry.

The common citizens haven’t yet experienced the power of AI. This is where Huawei has focussed and is seriously working on this aspect. With its decent line up of smartphones, Huawei has emerged as Global Player competing with the Apple and Samsung.

Now the company is focussing on keeping the Artificial Intelligence in the hands of smartphone users. Huawei’s Mate 10 and Honor 7X already features an AI technology but hasn’t fully harnessed its true power. But now the all-new Honor View 10 has been spotted in the HiHonor store with true AI capabilities.

The company states that the device is the first AI phone. The device is powered by a brain which is capable of integrating AI with deep learning based Neural Processing. To deliver such high performance the device is fitted with the Huawei’s homegrown multi-core Kirin 970 chipset. 

What Is the Use of an AI-powered smartphone?

It sounds a bit crazy to give smartphones the power of Artificial Intelligence. But the fact is that eventually, the smartphones have to develop the ability to think.

Android is evolving with time and more complex applications are being developed. Android is memory bound, for the most part, so in order to deliver high performance over time, the device should be aware of how to optimize these resources based on your usage.

This is what Huawei is trying to achieve with its devices. The Huawei Kirin 970 chipset brings you a faster, stronger, and seamless smartphone experience. Its built-in NPU (neural-network processing unit) enables deep learning based on user behaviour, ensuring your Honor View 10 truly understands you.

AI at Your Service:

With this AI technology, Huawei is enabling AI to assist smartphone users to gain more benefits. Because of AI technology, EMUI 8.0 understands how you use your Honor View 10 and allocates resources by anticipating your behaviour. It’s always working in the background to make sure your Honor View 10 runs smoothly even after months of use.

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This means that every device will be unique as it works according to the user. Additionally, you can squeeze more from your device as it works for you.

As of now if you want to get such features you need to cough approximately $1000, thanks to the highly expensive Apple products. One reason for Apple devices being expensive is that the company pays most of its revenue towards the patents that it uses in its devices.

Fortunately, Huawei is fairly unique among Chinese mega manufacturers because it owns a lot of its own IP it puts into its products. So most of the revenue stays with the company. This means that the devices will come at a better price.

The Huawei Honor V10 has been launched at a price of EUR 499 (roughly Rs. 38,100) and GBP 449 (roughly Rs. 38,600). This competitive price range will give Huawei and Edge over other key players in this range like OnePlus and Samsung. The Indian pricing is not yet available but according to the speculations, it may be around 39,000 INR.

What’s More in Huawei Honor View 10?

Honor V10 specs

Honor V10 specs

As Honor designed the V10 to be the company’s flagship, the device is packed with several powerful features. One feature that needs a specific mention is its Camera. The device sports a Dual lens shooter with 20 MP Monochrome camera and 16 MP RGB Camera. Together they are powered by an AI engine to let you capture studio quality shots.

With intelligent photography algorithms, the Honor View 10 identifies 13 different types of scenes and objects. It automatically adjusts your camera settings to help you shoot like an expert. With all these technologies under the hood, The Honor View 10 will change all your mind about what a smartphone camera can do as it delivers incredible image quality.

Talking about the other general specifications, it is fitted with a 5.99-inch full-HD+ (1080×2160 pixels) IPS LCD FullView display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. The display is designed to meet the modern day gaming needs that demand high resolutions and intense graphics.

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The phone has a dedicated gaming suite to deliver the best gaming experience for gamers on mobile. Game Suite, with intelligent optimization, enables a smooth, seamless, speedy gaming experience.

The CPU, GPU and NPU are coupled with a 6GB RAM and accompanied by 128 GB of ROM to host all your storage needs. It can be expanded up to 256 GB. Apart from these, it has all the latest basic features like Bluetooth version 4.2+BLE, WIFI, GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi Direct, Huawei Share, Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB 2.0 and USB OTG.

For the selfie lovers, the phone comes with a 13 MP front-facing camera with which you can even unlock your device besides the fingerprint sensor. As of now there isn’t any information on whether the device comes with an on-screen fingerprint scanner to unlock the device.

It is said that great things come with great responsibilities. This performance beast needs more juice to deliver all the above-said features. Its hunger for power is satisfied by a 3750 mAh battery that lasts for hours and charges in minutes. The smart charge technology lets charge up your device in just minutes. The smart charging technology allows the phone to stay awake for longer durations.

You can use the Honor View 10 for 5.5 hours of gaming, 19 hours of video playback, 160 hours of music playback, 21 hours of 4G browsing, or 23 hours of 3G talk according to the company’s test results. Its Smart Power Management capability learns from user behaviour to keep you connected even longer.

Honor View 10 comes in two colour variants Navy Blue and Midnight Black. Sale for the Honor View 10 will start on Amazon from January 8 and the device is now available for pre-registration on Amazon India.

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Final Verdict:

Honor time and again has stirred up the smartphones industry in India, by introducing smartphone equipped with innovation and cutting-edge technologies. The Honor View 10 will redefine what a smartphone can do and showcase the superior performance of Kirin 970’s smart AI engine.

Do you think that it would become the best Android smartphone in the market? Tell us your opinions through comments below.

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Huawei’s Honor View 10 is the Future of the Smartphone Industry

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