IBM’s supercomputer Watson created a horror movie trailer all by itself.

Machines are acquiring Intelligence with their deep learning capabilities and tonnes of computing power. They are using this super Intelligence to solve the complex theories of universe and science.

Super computers are really massive machines and workhorses performing millions of calculations every second.

IBM’s Watson is one such supercomputer who used its deep learning to defeat the former chess champion Garry Kasparov.

It seems that Watson is bored of working for science and research. It just thought of being a ‘cinematic genius’ and did something creative and entertaining.

For its forthcoming suspense/horror movie, Morgan, 20th Century Fox looked to IBM’s Watson to create one of its movie trailers. The movie is about an artificially enhanced human who gets herself into a lot of trouble.

To do this, IBM researchers instructed Watson to analyze the trailers of 100 horror movies, looking at the visuals, Watson analysed several factors of the such movie such as the character’s tone of voice and the musical score and each location of the shot, the image framing and the lighting.

Based on these studies Watson’s algorithms have chosen 10 scenes, from the movie Morgan, that it believed would be perfect for a trailer. It composed a trailer with six minutes of footage. It worked with a human filmmaker to splice the scenes together.



There are patterns and types of emotions in horror movies that resonate differently with each viewer, and the intricacies and interrelation of these are what an AI system would have to identify and understand in order to create a compelling movie trailer

John R. Smith, IBM Fellow and manager of multimedia and vision said in a post announcing the project. “Our team was faced with the challenge of not only teaching a system to understand, ‘what is scary’, but then to create a trailer that would be considered ‘frightening and suspenseful’ by a majority of viewers.

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The traditional process of sorting through movie footage and creating a movie trailer can take anywhere between 10 and 30 days to complete, Smith said. With Watson at the wheel, this trailer was whipped up in just about 24 hours. “That is the true power of AI,” he said.

It’s evident that the Artificial Intelligence is learning to be Creative Intelligence.

So tell us your opinions about this cinematic genius.

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IBM’s supercomputer Watson created a horror movie trailer all by itself.

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