Lichee Pi Zero: A 6$ Linux Machine.

The advancements in the electronics has led to the development of computers that could actually fit into pockets. Now a days single board computers has seen a tremendous rise and growth.

aspberryR Pi is one among them that instantly became popular in DIY community. Ever since then, we have seen many boards entering into the market. These are growing very intelligent enough to solve Rubik’s cube in less than a second.

In this article we are going to tell you about a new single board computer that only costs 6$, yet it is very powerful.

Lichee Pi Zero:

This is a new fruit into the single board computing industry and a best alternative to Raspberry Pi. Lichee Pi Zero is tiny Linux computer which is currently running it’s campaign on Indiegogo.

Lichee Pi Zero is good for beginners to explore the possibilities of DIY stuff and learn more about Linux.

Unlike Raspberry Pi, which costs you 25$ this portable Linux board costs just 6$ and you can get a wireless board with WiFi connectivity for just 8$. You can get a tiny computer at the price of a beer! ????

Features of Lichee Pi Zero:

The board has a dimensions of 44.6×25.5 mm, It is only a little longer than SD card, and can be plugged to breadboard directly!

Lichee Pi Zero size

Lichee Pi Zero

It’s simple design let’s DIYers to connect the board easily to a breadboard.

There are lots of pins to perform I/O operations. You can connect a TF WiFi card to them easily.

To give you more details about ports and controllers of the board, on the top side, you’ll find RGB LED, MPU, TF SLOT, LCD backlight circuit, microUSB (OTG & Power). On the bottom side of Zero, one can see Touch Screen Controller, DCDC Power, on board SPI Flash, FPC40 RGB Connector.

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Hardware Specifications of Lichee Pi Zero:

Lichee Pi Zero is powered by Allwinner V3S processor (ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, max 1.2GHz) clocked at a speed of 1GHz, and is paired with a 512Mbit DDR2 integrated RAM. It can boot from on board SPI Flash or TF card. It consumes less than 0.1A.

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What’s More:

Lichee Pi Zero runs on latest Linux kernel 4.10. This Linux flavoured fruit is powerful enough to setup a mini “Laptop” in just 5 minutes using A Lichee Pi Zero, A wireless keyboard, a Li-Polymer Battery, a simple holder, some tape.

Lichee Pi Zero mini Laptop

Lichee Pi Zero mini Laptop

Lichee Pi Zero DIY projects

Lichee Pi Zero

So are you thinking of to get your hands on this micro SD card sized computer, you can buy it from Indiegogo campaign. To learn more about it check out its campaign page.

Here is a bonus video:

What do you think of this Raspberry Pi alternative? Do you think it could match with its competitors. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Lichee Pi Zero: A 6$ Linux Machine.

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