Rubik’s Cube Solved In Just 0.637 Seconds, Sets New World Record.

ubik’sR cube is one of the greatest invention that puzzled many human Brains. Solving a cube will really make you an intelligent being among your buddies. Well, How much time do you take to solve a Rubik’s Cube? May be a couple of minutes or might be a couple hours.

But the story here is really different, a super smart robot has setup a new world by solving the Rubik’s Cube in just 0.637 seconds. That’s just less than a blink of eye.

Do you have any guess did this Robot used to wrap it up in 0.637 seconds. It took only 21 moves to arrange the cube.

Rubik's Cube Guinness world record 2017.jpg

Wondering How this happened?

Back in 2016 a robot named Sub1 has set a world record by solving the cube in 0.887 seconds. The German Engineer behind Sub1 has updated it as Sub1 reloaded which setup up a new Guinness world record by breaking its own record of 0.887 seconds.

This happened at an event organised by semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies and took place at the electronica trade fair in Munich, Germany at the end of 2016.

After carefully verifying that the distorted cube met the requirements of the World Cube Association and other things, the Guinness World Records has confirmed that the Sub1 Reloaded is eligible for owning the title of world’s fastest Rubik’s Cube solving machine. While the world record for solving a Rubik’s cube by a human is 4.73 seconds by an Australian boy, Feliks Zemdegs.

Rubik's Cube Guinness world record.jpg

How does it work?

The computer receives two pictures of the cube, identifies the color of each piece and calculates a solution with Tom Rokicki’s extremely fast implementation of Herbert Kociemba’s Two Phase Algorithm. The solution is then handed over to an Arduino-compatible Infineon AURIX™ microcontroller board which orchestrates the 21 moves of six high performance steppers, to turn each side of the cube.

So you think you can beat it? You must try really hard. Meanwhile you can share your best time lapses you’ve taken to solve Rubik’s Cube.

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Rubik’s Cube Solved In Just 0.637 Seconds, Sets New World Record.

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