Samsung Galaxy Surfboard – Now you are even connected while you Surf

While major Technology companies are busy discussing in what will be the next major revolution in Technology industry, Samsung is busy in designing innovative and creative products to grab the market.

This time it’s not a smart watch, it’s not a big fridge with huge display.., Any guess? Well it’s a Surfboard, the South Korean company designed a smart surf board, that keeps you connected while you were off the shore.

Earlier this month Samsung revealed it’s Galaxy Surf Board in a commercial featuring Brazilian Surfer Gabriel Medina, 2014 world surfing champion.


This Surf board is powered by Galaxy S7, which can be docked in a special compartment and lets you access messages of encouragement popping under your feet while are exploring the Sea. The board features a big Dot Matrix LED Display to display the Messages and Notifications.

Galaxy surfboard LED Matrix  Display

LED Matrix Display

Apart from this, Samsung Galaxy Surfboard can feed live condition of the sea, wind direction and frequency of the waves, directly onto the display.

Lets wait and see when Samsung starts shipping these boards and how it keeps you connected while you were off the shore.

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Tell us in comments, what you think of this Samsung Galaxy Surfboard and do we really need one.

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