Say hello to Mycroft: Intelligent robot for home.


The world is getting more and more intelligent. Things around us are acquiring intelligence and getting smarter. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, ranging from –Self driving cars, natural language processing and a new Jeopardy champion – all brought to you by the miracles of A.I. It’s now the time to welcome Artificial intelligence in our homes.

Meet Mycroft – World’s first open source, open hardware home A.I. platform. It is a state of the art A.I. based on Raspberry Pi 2, the powerful credit-card sized computer. Based on a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor with 1 GB of memory, and Arduino – two of the world’s most popular open development platforms. Mycroft is designed to understand the commands just by talking, like you would talk to any other person.

How it works?


Much like Siri, Google Now, Cortana and Echo, Mycroft uses the power of the cloud to process natural speech, determine user intent and respond seamlessly using artificial intelligent algorithms.  Mycroft is always listening. When you call him, he responds. Otherwise he ignores you so your conversations are confidential. Check Mycroft in action:

Mycroft uses natural language processing to respond to your voice. You can instruct it to play your favorite videos, music etc from your favorite online streaming services like YouTube, Netflix and Pandora. Wait it’s not only confined to streaming media from online services, but it can also integrate with your smart devices and allows you to control the Internet of Things. Connect Mycroft to your SmartThings hub, WeMo devices or Phillips Hue lights and command your devices with the sound of your voice. Turn on lights, lock doors, make coffee, water plants and feed pets. Whatever it is – If it is connected to the internet – Mycroft can control it. According to Kickstarter, Here is a list of abilities it is blessed with to do:

  • Play Media. Play from a variety of sources on a variety of players.
  • Internet of Things Support. Supported Platforms
  • If This Then That. User can select Mycroft as a source/destination to manipulate Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Internet of Things Scene. Mycroft can manipulate a group of IoT devices at one time, or what we call “creating a scene.” For example, the “Lock up” scene might turn off all of the lights, lock the door and shut off any music or media.
  • Announce. If there are several Mycroft units in an installation, one unit can create an announcement that is played on all of the units.
  • Record. Mycroft can record audio. Recordings are uploaded to your preferred cloud storage for later retrieval.
  • Calendar. Mycroft can read either Google Calendar or iCal.
  • Twitter. Mycroft can tweet for you.
  • Alarm Clock. Mycroft can act as an alarm clock and perform behaviors such as scenes, news, weather, etc. at certain times.
  • Reminders. Mycroft can repeat a reminder phrase to at a specified date, time.
  • Weather. Mycroft can give the current or future weather for a specified location.
  • Time. Mycroft can give the current time.
  • News. When asked for the news, Mycroft can play the top of the hour news from NPR or the BBC.
  • Spelling. Mycroft can spell words out.
  • Math. Mycroft can perform simple arithmetic.
  • Parrot Mode. Upon entering this mode, Mycroft can repeat back whatever you say. Useful for entertaining a parrot or small child.
  • Novelty. Performs search using Google, Wolfram Alpha, etc and tells knock-knock jokes.
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All these features are available at a price of $129 and is a basic version. Want to try it, you can buy it from here. Tell your views about the world’s first open source Artificial Intelligent robot in comments.

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Say hello to Mycroft: Intelligent robot for home.

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