Simple Trick To Push Chrome Address Bar To Bottom On Chrome Mobile.

CuriousBytes: Google has hidden many Easter eggs and features inside Chrome browser that can only be tried by pro users. Well, now it’s your turn to discover those hidden tricks inside Google Chrome for Android and become a Pro user.  In this article, you will learn a simple trick to push the Chrome address bar to the bottom of the screen, which is located on top by default.

Google Chrome is the most popular browser to surf the Internet, whether it be on the desktop or on mobile. There are many reasons for it being the default choice of browser for millions of web users. Thanks to the simple interface and powerful features built into Chrome.

When it comes to mobile Chrome browser is installed by default on every Android device. Currently, it has nearly 1 Billion installations on Android. The mobile version of Chrome is powerful enough to handle more than 100 tabs in parallel and still, it smiles. Apart from it, there are many hidden tricks and experimental features inside the browser to improve user experience and enhance the usability.

As the world is moving towards smart devices with bigger and better displays like bezel-less screens it is getting harder to use these devices single-handedly. Seems like the technology companies have understood the pain of users and developed ways for easy navigation. Apple has introduced the One handed keyboard in iOS 11 for its bigger devices.

Similarly, Google has provided a way to move the address bar in Chrome Mobile, to the bottom of the screen to improve the ease of access. While this isn’t a default feature to the stable version, it is provided natively. The Developer and Canary build include this feature.

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So if you are looking to get this feature inside the Chrome you are currently using on your mobile, you need to play a bit with the hidden settings.

Shifting Chrome Address Bar to Bottom on Android

In order to shift Chrome address bar to Bottom of the screen you need to follow the below steps:

  • Open the Chrome Browser and type the following URL/Path in the address/URL bar and hit enter:


  • This will land you on Chrome Flags page where you can find hundreds of Chrome experimental features which are intended for advanced users.
  • From this huge list of options, you need to find an option called Chrome Home. If you are not happy with hunting down the option all the way down, just tap on the three dots to access the menu and select ‘Find In Page‘ and enter the Chrome Home into the search bar.


  • Now, under the Chrome Home section, you will find a pop-up which is set to “default”. You need to tap on it and choose Enabled from the drop-down list.
  • Once done, you need to relaunch the Browser Twice for the changes to get reflected. You can do that by tapping on Relaunch Now button from the prompt.


  • In some cases, the changes might not get reflected. If you face any such issues just force close the browser and restart it again. This will solve the issue.
  • That’s and once you have relaunched you will find the address bar placed at the bottom of the screen.
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Note: Before proceeding with the above steps make sure you have the latest version of Chrome for Android. If not update it from Google PlayStore.

 Why Should I Shift It To Bottom?

If you have any such questions running in your mind, it’s definitely worth trying as it eases the navigation across big screens. Also after enabling it, we have observed that the Bookmarks, History and downloads options were moved to a bottom navigation bar that can be accessed simply by swiping up the address bar.


Are you going to try out this cool nifty feature? Tell us your opinion in the comments below. Also if you know any interesting Chrome tricks, feel free to share them with the fellow curious readers.


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Simple Trick To Push Chrome Address Bar To Bottom On Chrome Mobile.

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