Some Tricky Tips to Look at Your Home Larger

Planning to design your home? But facing problems because you have a small home or tiny workspace or maybe any room of your house which is not big that you want? Nowadays, this is not a problem for anyone, and it doesn’t create any problems. You can take help from the plenty of great interior design and decoration ideas which will help you to decorate such a space which is small, but with nice decoration, it can look large. Go through the following examples and decide your own.

Paint or use wallpaper in the ceiling

In the traditional way, people have a belief that the ceiling should stay plain and white so that the place can look bigger, but this is not true. In that case, if you paint the ceiling with an interesting color or you use patterned wallpaper on it, then it can draw the attention of people and turn it into a focal point even the room is less important and small.

Use light Colours for the walls and floor

You need to use different strategies in order to look at your room bigger. Go for the light colors for the walls and floor, and it is a great strategy to look your room bigger. Because the light colors will open up the room space and it will look brighter and larger. You can also use some accent colors for these types of decoration.

Mount shelves

This is another option what you can use to look at your room like bigger. According to some professional interior designer, Mount shelves can play a great role to look at your small drawing space larger. If you can keep the Mount shelves near the ceiling to draw the eye up, then it can make space seem larger, and the ceiling seems higher. You can get here one additional benefit, and that is the shelves will offer you extra storage for the display things such as books or any personal collection. 

Leave the windows uncovered

This is one another trick that many of the interior design recommends for looking your room as larger. In this way, more natural light will get into your home during the day time, and it will look your room seem open, fresh, and airy. You don't need any extra money for the window treatment additionally.  

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Use some multipurpose item

You can say this is another great option to look at your room as bigger. Go for the multipurpose items that mean the items what you can use for various reasons. Try to use the modular or multifunctional furniture which will allow you to save space without giving up comfort or practicality. As an example, if you find any tool which doubles as a side table or a sofa and also it can be turned into a bed, then this is a great option. 

Lucite furniture

This is another trick to use for your home decoration, and that is Lucite furniture. It will give you a soothing eye effect for your room, and it will also allow looking the room like clutter. You will definitely get all the functionality in a simplified and transparent form which will give another level of decoration for your room.


You need to place mirrors in a tricky way so that it can help you to look your home larger. A mirror will help you to reflect light as well as other features in the room, and it will definitely look your room seem larger, creating the visual illusion. Many of the interior designers recommend buying a big mirror for any room because in one side the mirror will fill your wall and on the other side it will carry a bigger look of your room. So you also don't miss to buy a big mirror for your room.

Use area rugs

You can use this trick to look at your room larger. In that case, you can use area rugs to separate the room into some smaller spaces. There are many people who have a small room and give priority to area rugs to look at their room bigger. So you can also use this trick. In that case, you can do one thing such as you can use area rugs in corner nook inside a bedroom; otherwise, you can use area rugs in the seating area. 

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Get built ins

This is the great idea for a lot of different places and more than many people use this trick and no doubt it helps them to get their room without a congested look. If you have different places in your homes such as kitchen, bedroom, drawing room and etc. Then the built-in appliances and furniture can do a lot for you. It will allow more space in your room to be retained as open and no doubt you can use the spaces for other reasons.

Use different shades of color

You can use different shades of colors in your room, and it will give a look of unity, and it will hide the discrepancy, which may reveal that your room is too small or limited. You can use these different shades of color in any particular wall or rack and somewhere else. This type of cohesive and well-balanced décor will expose the look of oversize. 

Create various types of storage

This is another important factor what you can use to look at your room larger. In that case, you need to be small creative with the storage of your room. You need to create some spaces to hide some unused things. In that case, you may use the space of under the bench or above the door. You don’t need to waste any single space in your room. 

These all are the clever tips that you can use to look at your room larger. You may get help with more tips from various interior websites. So now you know enough that how you can use these tricks to look your home larger. So don't worry even if you have a smaller space at your home.

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Some Tricky Tips to Look at Your Home Larger

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