Understand How Swift Developers Can Help You Rapidly Upscale Your Tech Firm

As a company that deals with technology and the modern digital world of consumerism, you need to cater to the market demands the most so that the organization’s profitability can thrive.  

Apple Inc. is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Unlike the Android OS, iOS is proprietary software of Apple that is not outsourced or licensed to any other company in the world.  

This is where Swift and Swift developers come into the picture. By hiring professional Swift developers, your tech firm can cater to the premium market of Apple Inc.

What is Swift? 

All Apple products earlier were used to be coded using objective-C. To innovate and revolutionize the programming task for Apple products and services, Apple Inc. introduced Swift. 

In essence, Swift is a fast, modern, safe, interactive, and an open-source programming language released and introduced at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) by Apple Inc. in 2014, all without the baggage of C.  

Apple Inc. takes pride in Swift being modern, easy to learn, concise, fast, intuitive, and powerful, with one major selling point being its safety and security. 

Why Swift? 

Swift greatly surpasses both Objective-C as well as one of the most powerful and rapidly growing programming languages, Python, in terms of speed in multiple areas, including complex object sort and RC4 encryption. Some of the noteworthy features of Swift include: 

  • Concise syntax
  • Closures
  • Generics
  • Namespaces
  • Type inference
  • Compile to native code
  • Pattern matching
  • Fast iteration
  • Protocol-oriented programming

Since Swift is, in a way, a product of Objective-C, it can fit in without hassle alongside both Objective-C and C codes of any application.  

What is even more intriguing is the Swift Playgrounds which runs your code as you type in the same interface, thus minimizing runtimes and errors. All of these enable the developer to create virtually any type of application from a simple social media mobile app to a high-performance 3D game. 

Should Your Tech Firm Hire a Swift Developer To Upscale? 

The answer to this is a definitive ‘yes,’ because of the enormity of the tech giant, Apple. By hiring expert Swift developers, your tech firm can scale up tremendously and open up a host of potential income channels.  

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In addition to dominating the mobile operating system market share by a single company and being second in the OS market share of desktop and laptop devices, Swift also opens up opportunities for your business to code and develop programs for watchOS, tvOS, and more!  

If you want your company to rock the game in the mobile sector, you must hire a good Swift programmer because the number of smartphones in the world is continuously growing, and a mobile application is a much more user-friendly option than a website. 

The upside to Swift being a very niche programming language is that the companies may hire the best WordPress developers, but can still not fill in need of a Swift developer, making the demand more significant and lasting.

Below are some ways by which Swift developers bring value to the table for your business.

1. Revenue

By catering to the Apple consumers, your tech firm would immediately almost double its audience base in the mobile section if you are already serving the Android OS audience. This is because nearly half the mobile operating system market share in the world is iOS.

2. Customer Retention and Satisfaction

If you own an e-commerce business, particularly one with repeat customers, hiring Swift developers will help your firm create applications for Apple users as well. 

This is important because it increases convenience for your customers, which makes their shopping experience better. This translates into higher customer satisfaction and, ultimately, better customer retention.

3. Accessibility

By entering into a whole new market, your business is now more accessible to customers than ever before. Your company’s digital footprint will be more significant and more profound, which gives considerable visibility on all platforms on the internet.

4. Matching Supply and Demand

As the world is primarily divided into iOS and Android for mobile and macOS and Windows for PC, keeping up with the demand of different user bases is becoming a bigger problem every day because what works for one does not work with another. In short, there is no cross-platform compatibility due to different company policies.

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An in-house Swift developer can help your tech firm meet the demand of your customer base in virtually any Apple operating system marketplace without hassle. That solves a lot of your problems and also generates substantial revenue.

5. Speed

Professional Swift developers are skilled in exploiting one of the most amazing features of Swift – speed. Since Swift is concise, it will save a monumental amount of work hours for the programmers and the organization. 

Moreover, since Swift is up to 2.6 times faster than Objective-C and up to 8.4 times faster than Python 2.7, the developers can make use of that to create applications and programs that run smoothly as butter on any compatible Apple device.

6. Safety

No matter how good your application is or how fast a program is, if it does not guarantee safety to the users and consumers, it is bound to fade away into the dark.

Using the safety features of Swift like not letting an object be ‘nil,’ your tech firm’s Swift developers can create high-security programs and apps for you to confidently market to the consumers.


With all of that said, it is imperative to mention that although Swift is a niche programming language, the fact that it is maturing and is open source is leading to its presence on non-Apple native platforms like that of TensorFlow which is used for machine learning purposes at Google Inc.

Hence, even if you do not wish to stick with Apple’s development for programming, the future of Swift seems to be headed in a direction that is more versatile and secure for both individuals and businesses.  

Note that Swift is not a replacement to Objective-C but is a programming language whose features supersede those of Objective-C for Apple’s program development in terms of time and money.  

Thus, by bringing Swift developers on board, your tech firm has an additional skillset to make use of, which enables it to readily upscale.

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Understand How Swift Developers Can Help You Rapidly Upscale Your Tech Firm

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