The Unrevealed conspiracy: Alien working with human scientists at Area 51.

Aliens working with humansYes, what you heard is true! If we go back to history, several decades ago some mysterious creatures with an unfamiliar appearance were detected at a far away aeronautical distance in space.

With this the scientists have concluded that life exists on other planets too. After that, through decades with technological advancements many traces were discovered as a sign of the so-called “Aliens” had their visit on to the earth.

But this particular news is quite interesting, where there are certain conspiracy agencies that have taken the “whistle blower testimonies” who perform the reverse engineering research work at several underground “alien-government ” facilities across the country.

The Alien Thing.

According to some trusted sources, there have been proofs revealing that government is covering up the truth of working with extra terrestrial races and having access to exotic alien technology. Many whistle blowers claimed to have worked as government scientists and engineering contractors at several underground research facilities such as top secret Area 51 military base in Nevada desert.

It is believed that an alien’s machine has crashed at certain sites like Roswell Crash site in 1947. From there the burned alien corpses as well as the survivors were captured.

They were taken to the Area 51, where they were forced to help the government scientists and engineers to  ‘reverse engineer’ the propulsion technology of their Exotic craft(the Alien machine).

According to Bill UHouse , who passed away in 2009, he worked as mechanical engineer at Area 51 with a grey alien known as “J-Rod”.

Bill UHouse

Bill UHouse

According to him, he communicated with “J-Rod” by using a grey alien technology adapted for use with humans. This technology allowed human scientists to communicate with grey aliens via telepathy aided by sophisticated translator software.

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UHouse also mentioned that J-Rod showed, humans at the facility, how to control and fly the Alien UFO.

With all these testimonies, we can conclude with a surprising fact that, “There are extra terrestrial races or civilizations that are scientifically and technologically a step, Infact! many steps forward from the human developed technology on earth”.

Who knows! There might come a day where the future generation kids have alien friends rather than human friends. There is also a possibility that the human race is controlled by Alien Civilization. Sarcastic! But can’t defy!

Here is an interview with the Grey Alien JRod.

Do you believe in this. Tell us what you think about this Alien Stuff. For more such exciting articles keep visiting CuriousPost.

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1 Response

  1. Some of the theories involving aliens and alien influence on humanity are occasionally quite compelling. I believe there have to be other forms of life out in the cosmos. With billions of galaxies and uncountable planets and stars inhabiting them, how can it not?

    The vastness of the universe even favors the existence of another Earth and duplicates of ourselves. The distances involved give it a mathematical probability.

    I must point out that if alien cultures really have had a presence since ancient times, then why is the only alleged evidence the stone structures constructed so long ago. You would think a race of beings far ahead of mankind technologically could do far better than showing us how to carve rocks.

    Still, I will not dismiss the possibility altogether. Seeing the ruins of Puma Punku firsthand caused me to question all I once believed. While I am not really sold on the ‘ancient alien’ theory, I also cannot accept mainstream sciences explanation of Puma Punku.

    If aliens did come here Puma Punku is the most compelling in supporting the possibility. I find it difficult to imagine mankind possessing the capability to construct Puma Punku in antiquity. My theory does not involve aliens but it certainly questions the true age of mankind. Puma Punku may be evidence that man has risen to technological heights before the one we currently enjoy.

    The dinosaur is believed to have gone extinct 65 million years ago. Mankind could have risen to the level of technology to create spaceships and virtually wipe ourselves out on many occasions over a 65 million year time frame.

    Who really knows? Science is advancing rapidly, as evidenced by the last 2000 years. So many mysteries still remain right here on Earth, let alone the Cosmos. Just as it’s possible aliens have come here. It is just as possible that there really is nothing new under the sun and all of this has been done before. Several times.

    We may find that if there are ruins on either the moon or Mars, they belonged to us. We may find some of the answers as our presence in space grows. We may even find answers under the deep ice of Antarctica. Somehow, I feel that is a more likely scenario than extra-terrestrials. But, who really knows?

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The Unrevealed conspiracy: Alien working with human scientists at Area 51.

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