About Us.

About Us

About CuriousPost

CuriousPost was founded with an ambitious mission to become a go-to source for all the Tech lovers. It is a one-stop portal for all the Curious Geeks over the Internet to feed you with the latest Tech News and to assist you to learn more about Open Source knowledge.

We focus on providing timely updates on what’s happening around the tech world.

Our Mission:

Our mission, at CuriousPost, is to explain stories in a way that every visitor who visits our site should be able to feed his curiosity. We wish to become an online magazine where users can consume informative content related to various topics like Technology, Gadgets, Open Source Software, HowTo’s etc. 

We started with a strong desire to become the Mashable and The Verge of India. We are working constantly to deliver the best content across the web.

What Do We Do?

At CuriousPost we brew fresh stories that are crisp and simple. We spend hours crafting each story and obsesses about the smallest of details, this is because we believe in “Information is Knowledge”.

If you have any suggestions or tips for sharing feel free to reach us here

About Founder.

CuriousPost was founded by Ganesh Venigalla, who is a geek, driven by enthusiasm. Spends most of the time in learning and researching new things. Besides being a Geek, he enjoys Music.