Highly Compressed (2 MB) GTA San Andreas for PC [100% Working]

CuriousBytes: GTA San Andreas for PC is one of the best all-time hit in the Gaming Industry and GTA Franchise is one of the most successful of all with a whopping sum of 220 Million record sales. GTA San Andreas is a very big game with 4.7 GB download size but you can get GTA San Andreas game by downloading this GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed file.

Grand Theft Auto(GTA) is one of the iconic games that created a new buzz in the world of gaming. The Game series that began with the title Grand Theft Auto in the year 1997 took a major turn with the release of Grand Theft Auto III that came with a 3D universe. Its successors, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas created new records as the highest sold games back then.

Reviewers credit GTA San Andreas as one of the greatest video games ever made, When GTA San Andreas was launched initially in 2004 for Play Station it took the world by storm and several people were amazed by the game and got addicted to this uber cool game.

It is really an incredible action-packed game with thrill, strategy and entertainment. It is one of its kind and was once a favourite game for all the gamers out there.

The latest version of the Game, GTA 5 is also creating buzz by being sold close to 100 Million copies. 

The game features visually striking and realistic special effects that are nowhere present back then in 2004, this has been one of the reasons for the tremendous success of the game in a short time.

GTA San Andreas quickly attracted gamers with its extremely unique gameplay that was close to multiple real-life events. San Andreas is played from a third-person perspective in an open world environment, allowing the player to interact with the game world at their leisure.

Playing as a gangster roaming across the states of San Andreas, you can access various weapons including guns, tanks and machine guns using various cheat codes in the game.

The open environment allows the player to explore and choose how they wish to play the game. Although storyline missions are necessary to progress through the game and unlock certain cities and content, they are not required as the player can complete them at their own leisure.

When not taking on a storyline mission, the player can freely-roam and look around the cities of San Andreas, eat in restaurants, or cause havoc by attacking people and causing destruction. Creating havoc can attract unwanted and potentially fatal attention from the authorities.

GTA San Andreas Game Stats

Image Courtesy: MarketWatch

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GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed

Originally, GTA San Andreas is a huge game that consumes a good amount of your hard disk. The original game is a huge 4.7 GB file that comes in a standard game DVD. Downloading the game from the Internet will definitely take huge time at normal internet speeds. It may even take days to finish downloading if you are suffering from a poor Internet connection.

The good news is that you can actually skip the download of this massive 4.7 GB game file and enjoy the game seamlessly by downloading just a 2 MB file. It is smaller than that of low MB Android games you usually download from Play Store.

Yes, what you heard is true and isn’t a joke. You can simply get GTA San Andreas game for PC in just a 2 MB file and can use it to get the full version of the game without downloading the complete game.

From this highly compressed, you can easily extract the game data and play the game immediately. You don’t worry about the game quality, it is not affected in any way and you can enjoy everything just like the original file.

So without any further delay let us see to how to download GTA San Andreas highly compressed PC file and get things done with it.

Before proceeding just check out if your PC meets these minimum requirements for the Game to run smoothly.

System Requirements for GTA San Andreas:

GTA San Andreas System Requirements

If your PC meets these recommended minimum specifications you can proceed further to download GTA San Andreas highly compressed setup.

Please Note: Due to technical limitations this method no longer works now. Also for the safety of our readers, we have taken down the link.

Step By Step Guide to Download GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed Game file.

Step 1: Before you start anything you need to download a compressed file that has all the required files. You can download it from the below link directly without any issues.

Please Note: The link no longer works. We have redirected the link to Flipkart from where you can buy an original copy at a low price.

Step 2:  Once the download is finished you will have a Zip file in your downloads folder. Unzip it with WinZip or any other zip extractor software. Upon successful extraction, you can find some folders inside it.

Step 3: Inside the folders, there will be a file known as KGB Archiver, extract and install the KGB Archiver. 

Step 4: After installing KGB Archiver, open it and extract GTASA.kgb file with it. This will decompress the GTA San Andreas game for you. It will take some time to decompress based on the performance of your PC. This doesn’t require an internet connection you can do it even in offline mode.

Step 5Finally after the completion of extraction, open the folder GTASA and you can see all the game files. Launch the game from there and then you can play seamlessly.

Note: The download file is only less than 2 MB but after extraction, it will take around 4.7 GB of your hard disk space.

Explore the open world of GTA San Andreas, and have fun.


Final Verdict:

GTA San Andreas is definitely the best game of all because of the Game theme, controls and storyline. It is a game that everyone loves playing irrespective of age group. You can improve your skills either by completing missions or you can play casually to spend time and kill your boredom.

With the above guide, you can quickly get your hands on the GTA San Andreas game as it is only 2MB in size and you don’t have to wait for hours downloading the game.

I would like to iterate that the above method is working without any issues, by following the above guide carefully you can get it easily. You might be worrying if this heavy compression will affect the game, if so then please note that it will have no effect on the game and you can enjoy the true uninterrupted gaming experience.

Also if you want to play GTA game on Mobile you can download the GTA 5 mobile version and play it seamlessly on you phone.

What are your views about GTA game franchise? Have you played it in your childhood? What is your favourite game title in GTA Series? Is San Andreas the best ever? Tell your views about the GTA in the comments below.

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  12. Lawrence says:

    I couldn’t extract the GTASA.kgb file as you said.

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    thanks for your post! but whenever I try to open rar files like main.rar or add1.rar then it displays that “this file is corrupted or unreadable” i even tried to install win rar on my disk again but i got same results everytime. So now what should i do with that 670mb rar files?

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    Hey, is the kgb archiver in the file or you should download it into the internet? By the way, thanks for the game.

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    Other Link:: GTA San Andreas Golden Pen PC Game High Compressed Download – BestGameHub.com

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    Hi, Can I get some help? Whenever I try to launch the setup it launches a command prompt looking program then it just disappears and doesnt install at all. please help would really appreciate it.

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    GTA San Andreas Golden Pen PC Game High Compressed Download

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    i can not find the gtasa file . i have extracted and fallowed all the instructions but can not find the file gtasa and other files like setup.exe can not open and saying it is courrupted

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    After extracting the game files using kgb archiver when I try to open Autorun.exe it says ‘’this app can’t run on your pc’’ when I click setup . exe it says ‘’the file or directory is corrupted and unredable’’ when I open main.rar or add.rar using WinZip it says ‘’can’t open file it does not appear to be a valid archive’’ my system’s specifications are
    Operating system Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10210U CPU @ 1.60GHz
    System memory (RAM)
    4 GB
    Memory slot 1
    4GB Micron 3200MHz
    Graphic device 1
    Intel(R) UHD Graphics
    188gb of free space is also available

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    I need the 1. Setup.exe 2.setup.png 3. Autorun.exe….Is like this files a corrupt

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