Top 5 Gadgets that are Exclusive to Amazon

Amazon has been a brand that has been associated with e-commerce for a long time now and in this long span of time, it has earned a name for itself. It has turned out to be the biggest e-commerce company in the world right now with customers increasing on a daily basis.

The main reason behind the popularity of Amazon is the always increasing variety of products that are available on its website and app for purchase and also the great discounts that are available on literally every product listed. There are certain brands that trust Amazon greatly and have provided Amazon with the exclusive rights to their products and these products are called Amazon Exclusive Products. One of the most exciting part is Amazon coupons & offers that are available for these products. By using these offers, one can avail up to 30% off on these products.

What are Amazon Exclusive Products?

Amazon Exclusive Products are the wide range of products that you would only find over Amazon and not anywhere else. Being the number one brand has its own perks and this is amongst the biggest of them. Brands like OnePlus and Xiaomi have placed their trust in Amazon for years now and begins their products launch through Amazon only. The wide range of Amazon Basic products like the entire range of Echo speakers is also a part of the Amazon Exclusive Products category.

The Top 5 Amazon Exclusive Products:

1. OnePlus 6


There is no one in the world who doesn’t know about OnePlus as it is probably the biggest and the newest entry in the smartphone world. Ever Since the launch of their first device, the OnePlus One, they have become the favourite of millions of peoples and made a huge fan following for themselves. Since their first product, they have given Amazon the exclusive rights to sell their devices and Amazon has done this work stupendously.

One Plus has been the flagship killer from the very beginning and set to defeat the more expensive high-end devices. Like before, the One Plus six is loaded with top-notch specifications. With the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, an upgrade in the interface and especially the camera department is visible. One Plus six has two models, one normal and the other one is a promotional model for Avengers. When it comes to the memory department, the device comes with 6 or 8 GB of RAM and an internal memory of 64GB/128GB/256GB. The primary camera is a dual camera setup with one of the lens being a 16 MP shooters while the other one is a 20MP one. The front camera is a 16 MP shooter and would be adequate for some great selfies. A battery of 3300 mAh is there to support this huge display which would easily provide backup for more than a day. 

The top five things from the first impression of the One Plus 6 are:

  • All new glass back
  • Full body display with a notch
  • A newly designed fingerprint sensor
  • Revamped dual camera setup
  • The headphone jack

It begins at a price of Rs. 34,999 for the 6 GB/64 GB variant and the 8 GB/128 GB variant is priced at Rs. 39,999. The Marvel’s special edition is priced at Rs. 44,999 and has a storage of 256 GB with 8 GB of RAM. You can use OnePlus 6 coupons and avail up to Rs.2000/- cashback and additional Amazon Offers.

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Buy OnePlus 6 Now!

2. Amazon Echo Spot

The times have changed and speakers are no more the bulky things with wire connections hanging from them. Amazon launched the Amazon Echo Spot in India and it took the speaker industry with a storm. It is one of a kind speaker with a one of a kind design, it comes with a compact display over it. It has the capabilities to show you things, just ask for whether or make video calls and search for your favourite music by just speaking to it. With a sturdy design, powerful speaker and an all-new touchscreen display, does this speaker makes it worth the hype?

If you looked, you won’t find many choices in good speakers, and the number will go down suddenly if you searched for speakers with screens on them. The Amazon Echo Spot comes with a stunning display over it that adds tons of features to its functionalities and makes it a unique product amongst the crowd.

Alexa is amazon’s virtual assistant that is incorporated in its entire speaker range of Echo. Alexa is the amazon’s AI that is incorporated in the Amazon Echo Spot and provides a wide set of functionality to it. With the set of skills like booking uber, reading news and playing music, there is a lot that this speaker can do.

The Echo Spot speaker is priced at Rs. 12,999 and is available on Amazon app and website.

Buy Amazon Echo Spot Now!

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3. Amazon Fire TV Stick


Amazon fire TV stick is a small pen drive looking device which when connected to your high definition TV, opens up the gateway to thousands of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, TV episodes and many more. It is the easiest way to access all your favourite subscription based services like Netflix, amazon prime, Eros, Gaana, YouTube and many more at one place.

The remote that comes in with a set is equipped with a microphone in it that helps you search your desired content by just pressing a button and speaking the name of it. The new model, like the previous one, comes with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It doesn’t support voice control as seen in devices like echo, but can be used by long pressing the Alexa button on the remote. It also has the feature to display the information visually but only in the case of screen equipped devices like Echo Show.

With all your favourite movies and TV shows in one place, you will surely find something to love. Surf from several subscriptions like Netflix, hot star, Eros now and many more and find your favourite stuff.

You can also download Firefox or silk browser for free and then the entire internet in front of you on your TV. You will have access to all your favourite content on the big screen like sports, news, live TV and many more. Amazon Fire Stick remote helps you to fast forward through videos and easily search through the internet.

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It is available on Amazon at a price of Rs. 3,999.

4. Redmi 5

Xiaomi released its power packed budget smartphone, Redmi 5, this month and it is already taking up all the headlines in the budget smartphone department. It is one of the exclusive Amazon launches and will be available through a flash sale on Amazon website and app. These sales would only take place for a limited stock, so if you want to grab this device, enthusiasm is a must. There is a lot to like about this device, its large bezel-less display, camera, design and a long battery life. Xiaomi is calling it ‘The Compact Powerhouse’

Amazon has acquired the right to sell this smartphone exclusively in the Indian market and they are doing so through exclusive flash sales. These sales have a limited amount of stock which gets sold out in minutes, so if you are one to buy it, then getting ready and active is a prerequisite.

This device can be considered as an age-less phone. Anyone, ranging from a college-going student to a grandfather, can use this phone and it would completely fulfil their needs. Keeping the market in mind, Xiaomi has released three models if the Redmi 5, the basic variant, 16 GB ROM and 2 GB RAM, then one with 32 GB ROM and 3 GB RAM and the highest one with 64 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM. Prices of these devices range from Rs. 7,999 to Rs. 10,999.

5. Kindle

Amazon Kindle is series of e-readers designed and marketed by Amazon. It allows its users to browse, download, buy and read e-books, magazines, newspapers etc. it consists of a Kindle store through which you can perform all these functions. Amazon has tried to provide the user with an almost real experience with a high-resolution display that provides a real paper like view. Unlike other electronic gadgets, Kindle does not suffer from any kind of screen glare even in bright sunlight. It is available at an amazing price of Rs. 5,999.

Amazon has placed a huge amount of importance on the details of how the image is reproduced in the kindle. It uses actual ink particles and specially crafted fonts to create the text which looks similar to the one you have in your books. The best thing about this is unlike our smartphones, Kindle does not require a large amount of battery to do its work, so it can easily last for weeks and give a great book reading environment.


So, in the end, all we can say is that Amazon, being such a great name that it I deserve all our respect and appraises for delivering happiness to our doors. Amongst the great variety of products in the Amazon Exclusive category, each one of them is a champion in their own category and you cannot go wrong by buying them.  

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Top 5 Gadgets that are Exclusive to Amazon

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