X-Bows Keyboard: A Unique Keyboard With Crossbow Radial Design.

X Bows keyboard for work

CuriousBytes: X-Bows is a keyboard designed for the modern typist. By positioning the user’s hands and wrists in a more natural position while typing, X-Bows makes typing more comfortable. Check out more about Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard.

Do You Spend Most Of Your Time Typing?

Anyone who spends hours typing at their keyboard is aware of the stress they feel on their wrists and fingers. While there are keyboards with layouts that are more convenient than the Traditional “QWERTY” layout the problem is that we have been habituated to the “QWERTY” Layout and it isn’t that easy to switch from it.

If you are the who are not much comfortable with your existing keyboard then The X-Bows mechanical keyboard is designed to change that. With this new keyboard, you don’t need to attend some new typing classes as the board comes with the traditional “QWERTY” layout. It comes with an improved design perspective to reduce stress on your wrist and enhance your productivity.

What’s New With X-Bows Keyboard:

X-Bows is an ergonomic keyboard that combines the satisfying tactical feel of a mechanical keyboard with the comfort benefits of an ergonomic keyboard layout. By angling the key columns, X-Bows allows a user’s wrists to sit at a more natural angle while typing.

Moving some frequently used keys into the middle of the board reduces the stress on a user’s relatively weak pinky finger and transfers that work to the under-utilized thumb. These design improvements allow a user to type more quickly and more comfortably over a longer period of time.

X-Bows Design:

Xbows Topview

X-Bows features a unique crossbow radial design. This means that the keys are outwardly angled to minimize lateral hand movement. Also, the keyboard comes with cool looking RGB backlighting system. This lighting system offers flexibility to customise the effects in 15 different ways. X-Bows features a metal body construction. X-Bows uses Gateron switches and has a solid, aluminium alloy plate integrated into its body. This ensures a sturdy, responsive typing experience.

X-Bows Keyboard functionality:

The traditional QWERTY layout has been split into two parts one for each hand, which are separated by backspace, enter, shift, and control buttons in the centre. X-Bows comes with unique functionality that let users create programmable shortcuts or macros to suit their convenience.

Features and Specifications:

  • The body of X-Bows is made fully of aluminium. This prevents body flex and feels more satisfying than lighter keyboards.
  • Gateron Switches are among the most sought-after in the keyboard market. They have an estimated lifespan of 50 million actuations.
  • Type of lighting provides backlighting and effects for X-Bows. Individual key lighting can also be set in the accompanying software.
  • Using X-Bows intuitive software, users can set individual keys to perform macro functions that would take multiple keystrokes to perform on ordinary keyboards.
  • X-Bows training wheel keys smooth the transition from using modifier keys on the periphery of the keyboard to using the new ones in the middle of the board. These keys can later be reprogrammed to the user’s need.

Pricing and Availability:

The X-Bows keyboard will be available on Kickstarter beginning on September 12 (link). The pre-sale price is $129. Special Kickstarter offers include special pricing for early-birds and larger quantity orders. If you are thinking to get one you can go to the Kickstarter website to check out full details on the keyboard.

Final verdict:

X Bows is designed with a mission to be an accessible way to improve keyboard ergonomics without requiring a significant investment of time from users to adjust to. X-bows is a good choice for those who are looking to switch to an ergonomic keyboard as it is packed with some latest and cool features than the existing ones. It also saves your time in switching to a new layout.

You can Pre-order One from Kickstarter and get some additional benefits as an Early Bird.

Tell us your opinion about this stylish keyboard. Are you going to buy this? Do you think it improves your productivity? Share your views in the comments below.

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X-Bows Keyboard: A Unique Keyboard With Crossbow Radial Design.

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