Do You Know Which Laptop Does Linus Torvalds Use To Build And Maintain Linux Kernel?

I was following Linus Torvalds on Google+ for a while. While I was going through his G+ posts a few days back. I found two posts which has drawn my immediate attention. The next thing I thought was to share this with our community filled with curious geeks.

So are you wondering what the two posts were about? Well they were all about the laptop that Linus Torvalds has chosen for his work. Torvalds wanted to replace his old Sony Vaio Pro 11, that had served him for almost 3 years.

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So he posted a Google+ post asking his followers to suggest a decent laptop for his work by providing his requirements.

Here are his requirements:

Since he builds kernels, he wanted a laptop with a “real core i5 or i7”. He mainly concentrated on the weight of the laptop confining it to 1kg/2lbs. He added that the RAM doesn’t matter and is fine with 8GB/256GB of RAM/SSD.

It clearly hints that he needs one to carry in during travels and not to replace his desktop. His initial list included ASUS UX305UA, Dell XPS 13 AND Lenovo Yogo 900.

After a few weeks of brain storming he finally settled on Dell XPS 13 Developer edition, which comes with Pre-installed Ubuntu operating system. Torvalds didn’t mention the exact configuration of new Dell XPS 13.

Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13

Here are specifications of popular model of Dell XPS 13:

Dell XPS 13 is powered by the Intel Core i7 6560U 6th Gen Skylake Processor and is accompanied by 16 GB Of RAM clocked at a frequency of 1866 Mhz. The Intel 6560 U processor is clocked at 2.2 Ghz and comes with 3 MB cache.

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The Dell XPS 13 has got a g 13.3 inch infinity edge 1980*1080P QHD+ Display with the thinnest bezels and vivid color reproduction, which is better when compared to the Macbook Air.

The Dell XPS 13 comes with 512 GB SSD capacity and Windows 10 OS is pre-installed on the Laptop. Also includes an option of Ubuntu. With a 56wHT, 4-Cell Battery, XPS 13 can run for 12-hours.

If you are thinking of buying a powerful laptop, Dell XPS 13 is a best choice. You can buy it on Amazon from below link.

So what do you think about Torvalds decision of choosing Dell? Tell us your suggestions in the comments below.

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Do You Know Which Laptop Does Linus Torvalds Use To Build And Maintain Linux Kernel?

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