Linux Kernel 4.10 – Comes Loaded With Exciting New Features Every Linux User Needs.

2016 ended up witnessing the release of Linux Kernel 4.9. Which is packed up with several lines of code Linux kernel 4.9 is talked to be the biggest kernel release on terms of commits.

For all the Linux lovers, this love month is going to witness the release of Linux kernel 4.10, which will make you fall in love with new features. Linux kernel 4.10 is expected to be released this weekend, if everything goes well it might on February 19.

So thinking of what’s new inside Linux kernel 4.10. This kernel release comes with exciting cool new features which are most awaited.

Support for Intel’s Turbo Boost Max 3.0.

This support helps to boost Intel processors to higher frequencies for single threaded workloads. This could pave way for supporting the high performance line of Intel’s future releases.

Initial support for Intel Graphics Virtualization Technology(GVT).

The support for Intel’s GVT has been added mainline which eases and enhances the performance of VM’s

Welcomes more new ARM platforms.

The new arm platforms like Huawei Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5X, Pine 64, Snapdragon 808/810 and others are now supported by Linux kernel 4.10.

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Integrating the support for new hardware like raspberry Pi3, Microsoft surface and x86 laptops.

Linux kernel 4.10 now supports Open Source hardware like Raspberry Pi 3. We all know that Microsoft loves Linux, this new release now offers support for Microsoft Surface 3/4 touch improvements. Also more support for x86 laptops is included.

More AMD ZEN/RYZEN Enablement.

The support for all new AMD’s Ryzen processor has been now integrated in kernel 4.10, through various pull requests.

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NOUVEAU Boost Support (NVIDIA):

The initial support for the open source NVIDIA DRM driver has now been enabled in Linux kernel 4.10. This enhances and boost the clock frequencies of Graphic processors. Which implies the better gaming experience.

AMD GPU DRM driver fixes

Several fixes like power management, RPM fan info exposure have been made. Support for Polaris 12 GPUs.

Other improvements

  • DAX iomap and XFS iomap support for EXT4 file system.
  • Faster WLAN.
  • Support for ATA command priority.
  • UBIFS encryption support.
  • Better optimisation of HDMI on intel skylake processors.

You can view the complete list of improvements from phoronix’s site.

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  1. Damian Chiliński says:

    That’s it? Eh. I’m waiting for btrfs RAID56, in-band deduplication, per-subvolume redundancy and other options, native encryption, native ssd caching, auto ballooning in KVM, policy routing support in systemd, new car and free toaster included in every fifth Linux Magazine…

    Not impressed.

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Linux Kernel 4.10 – Comes Loaded With Exciting New Features Every Linux User Needs.

by Ganesh Venigalla time to read: 2 min