Mind Map: Quick Guide To Learn About Entire Linux Kernel In Single Image.

It is clear and evident that Linux might take the future. Linux is everywhere and is backbone of our Internet.

The global technology pioneers like Google, Facebook, Apple and even Microsoft uses Linux to power their business.

9 out of 10 top super computers have choosen to run Linux as their blood.

One greatest thing that contributed to the massive success of Linux is it’s open source nature. Linux is touted as the world’s biggest collaborative project ever made.

If you are not aware of how Linux is built collaboratively, you can go through this article to learn more interesting things about Linux.

This is how the Linux is defining the future. And contributing it’s sole purpose of making the world more open and better.

Thanks to Linus Torvalds, who started and invented Linux. Till today he maintains and builds Linux code base with an extended support from the biggest open source community, that aims to build a better Operating System.

So this is how Linux is playing an important role in this world and a world without Linux is like a dooms day. No Google, no Facebook, no Android, no communication and nothing.

So it is suggested that everyone should be aware of what Linux is? and how to use it?

To be specific Linux is not an Operating System it is a kernel that is the core of operating system. There are thousands of operating systems like Ubuntu, Linux Mint Kali(for ethical hacking), Arch Linux etc which for built on Linux kernel.

So in order to understand Linux, you need to know how Linux functions at its core level. You may come across thousands of articles on Linux kernel by searching in Google. But you end up in confusion with that information overload.

We know that a picture is worth thousand words and keeping this in mind people at Make Linux have created an interactive mind map giving you a complete overview about Linux kernel in just one simple image.

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It gives detailed insights about Linux kernel without confusing you much.

Linux Kernel Map:

So here is that interesting Linux kernel mind map:

Linux kernel mind map

Source: Make linux

If you want you can save the above image or you can head to Make Linux site to navigate in an interactive way.

 What’s in it?

If this question runs in your mind then it clearly explains about the functions and modules at the core of kernel. It maps the entire structure and interlinking of various modules.

If you are an expert or Linux developer who tweaks with kernel code it help you to track various bugs and reasons for errors.

So we found this Linux kernel map interesting and thought to share it with our curious community. Did you love this Linux kernel in single image? Tell us in the comments below.

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Mind Map: Quick Guide To Learn About Entire Linux Kernel In Single Image.

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