Canonical To Kill 32-bit Desktop Images From Ubuntu 17.10 Release

Canonical, the company behind the popular Linux Distribution Ubuntu, has decided to drop the 32-bit desktop images for the upcoming latest Ubuntu distribution, Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark, entirely.

So if you are expecting to try the next Ubuntu release on your 32-bit machine then this might be a bit disappointing news to you as you don’t get a pre-made live disc of Ubuntu 17.10 which is going to ship with GNOME.

Canonical’s Dimitri John Ledkov, has asked the Ubuntu release team to stop releasing the Ubuntu Desktop i386 daily live builds.

Please action the below and remove Ubuntu Desktop i386 daily-live images from the release manifest for Beta and Final milestones of 17.10 and therefore do not ship ubuntu-desktop-i386.iso artifact for 17.10,” he writes.

“This doesn’t mean Ubuntu desktop won’t run on 32-bit computers, simply that you won’t be able to download a pre-made live disc for it”

“There is no longer any effective QA or testing of the desktop product on actual i386 hardware (explicitly non-x86_64 CPUs).”

Earlier, Ledkov proposed that while i386 images should continue to be shipped for core, container, netinst, etc., they should be scrapped for Server and Desktop. This move by Canonical is a result of this proposal.

Canonical found that most of the users are no longer using 32-bit Ubuntu distributions and have switched to 64-bit.

Will Ubuntu Stop Running On 32-bit Machines?

This action doesn’t completely eliminate Ubuntu from 32-bit machines. If you are thinking so, then here is the exact point, this change, currently, affects only the major release of Ubuntu Desktop, This doesn’t affect the other builds like Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Ubuntu MATE.

But in future, you may expect to hear such news from Canonical completely dropping 32-bit builds.

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Currently, The Ubuntu website no longer lists 32-bit images as being available for download on desktop, server, or cloud. Many other Linux distributions and operating systems are also distributed as 64-bit only images.

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So, do you think that this the right decision of Canonical? Will this help Canonical to focus more on developing better Ubuntu releases in future? Tell us your opinion about recent Canonical’s decision.

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Canonical To Kill 32-bit Desktop Images From Ubuntu 17.10 Release

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