CuriousBytes: Linux is fun to learn and interesting to explore. So we have created a small quiz that helps you out to test your Linux skills. Try this interesting Linux quiz learn how good you are at Linux. Do share this with your friends.

Linux which is basically a Kernel, developed by Linus Torvalds, a Finnish – American software engineer. We at CuriousPost love Linux and are on a mission to spread a word about Linux. Linux is fun to use and interesting to learn. using Linux one can understand how an operating system works and functions. 

To help people using Linux and learning it by exploring things in their way, we have created an interesting Linux Quiz. So try this out and check your Linux skills and test your knowledge.

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Get, Set, Go: Test Your Linux Skills!

Who is the creator of Linux?

Correct! Linus Torvalds is the man behind Linux and he still maintains and Linux code.

What is Linux?

What command is used to remove files?

What command is used to remove the directory? is the address of?

Which of the following is Linux distribution targeted for Pentesting purposes?

What does GNU stands for?

What is the maximum length for a filename under Linux?

Which Command is used to check the kernel Version ?

What command is used to list contents of directories?

If you have got a low score then you should try using this Linux Kernal Map that helps you to understand about basic Linux Kernel Core.

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    • Intended For beginners….more yet to come that will definitely help you. Keep following us…

  1. Please make it more difficult and btw. one answer is not 100% correct…
    Which Command is used to check the kernel Version ?
    uname-r does not work, we need a space in between 😉 uname -r

    • Intended to motivate beginners. More yet to come. Keep following us. Thank you for updating the typo. We have updated it.

  2. you know what? this is a great initiative.
    i got a pro result although i’m far from it, but it loved the idea
    more questions please hehehe

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