The best In Ear Earphones you can buy in 2019

Whether you are at home or out there travelling, everyone has their earphones plugged in and listen to their favourite music. Nowadays, when you buy a smartphone even the cheapest smartphone will provide you with a set of earphone with it. But, does that set of earpieces give you the experience you want? Hardly, anyone will love them. So, people try to buy the earphones form the market themselves but are always confused. Which one to buy?- It is the first and only question popping in their minds. To make your earphone buying experience easy and hassle-free, we created the earphone buying guide for you.

Here, we have brought a guide of the best earphones that you can buy in the specific price bracket:

Our website’s recommendation: Shure SE425-V Sound Isolating Earphones

Pros: Dual Drivers in each earpiece, premium strong build, detachable cable, great sound
Cons: No mic and noise-cancellation feature

There is hardly any person who has not heard the name of Shure in earphone or headphone world. Shure has been providing some great earpieces for a long time now and Shure’s SE425 is no exception. These earphones are sound isolating and provide accurate and balanced sound. Everything a person demands from an earphone- Shure SE425 offers that.

Shure SE425 can block up to 37dB of external noise. It means you can go into your fantasy world listening to music and no disrupting voices can stop you. Moreover, this earphone gets a strong sumptuous built quality, detachable cables and over that a perfect fit.
The earphone gets Dual High-Definition MicroDrivers for delivering the sound which produces dynamic sounds. Even the slow and low notes produce the mellifluous sounds. Overall, this Shure product gives everything from sound brilliance to sumptuous look. Available to buy with Price of Rs. 22,300 with Amazon Offers on Electronics items.

Best Earphones under Rs. 1000: 1More Piston Fit

Pros: robust build, balanced, nice bass
Cons: sometimes shaky in the ear, no inline volume controller
1More provides a great set of earpieces under the range of Rs. 1000. The Piston Fit model gets the job done with everything from nice build quality to loud sounds coming off so clear from the earpieces, you might not get such a great set under Rs. 1,000 by any brand whether it is JBL or Seinhesser. The earphones are designed in such colours so that they can suit well with iPhones specifically.

As per 1More itself, the voice of this earphone is tuned by Grammy-winning sound engineer. The brand collaborated with internationally acclaimed sound engineer Luca Bignardi to perfect the final tuning to deliver a precise representation of your favourite artists intended to sound. The device comes with a microphone and can isolate the sound a little. The sound comes for dual layer driver including titanium and PET diaphragm for producing great sound quality. From soothing mids to sizzling highs, this robust build earphones will not disappoint you considering the price point.

Best Earphones between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 5000: Meelectronics M6 Pro

Pros: Detachable cable, tonal clarity, pounding high, sturdy build
Cons: average noise isolation, Mediocre treble range performance

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Meelectronics M6 Pro is an upgrade to its predecessor, M6. The M6 Pro looks similar to its predecessor, M6 somewhat. The new model gets robust build, sumptuous looks and comes with detachable cable. It makes it easy to take anywhere and have a comfortable fit whether you are in the gym or out on a jog. Unlike last time, M6 Pro gets a thicker cable to make the cable stronger. The device gets an ear hook design which gives the comfortable fit and is also less flimsy.

This earphone set has a balanced sound with nice bass- overall excellent. The sound delivery is excellent which comes from an ultrathin 5µm driver diaphragm and aluminium voice coil. This efficient stable earphone will give you the perfect sound experience wherever you are with isolating you from noise. You can explore one of the best headphones with AliExpress Coupons to find the best-discounted rates.

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Best Earphones between Rs.5000 and Rs.10,000: Klipsch R6i II

Pros: Premium build quality, punchy sounds, perfect fit
Cons: itchy design
Klipsch entered the audio industry with its blissful loudspeakers and headphones. Since the time it ha stepped into this field, there is hardly any device which went off the track. Klipsch R6i II is one of the best products it has ever put on the table.

At the price nearing Rs. 10,000, Klipsch offers a lightweight, comfortable and premium build earphone set. Though it is an upgrade of Klipsch R6i, it still has a dual magnet and moving coil design. Also, it has the same oval-shaped tips. Like their premium look, these earphones do wonders when inserted in the ears. As soon as the song plays, impressive and dynamic sounds blow your mind. The set can do noise isolation somewhat but not fully. Further, it gets a three-button inline setup for playback control.

Best Earphones between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000: RHA MA750 Wireless

Pros: sporty, comfortable fit, nice sound quality
Cons: noise acts as a hurdle sometimes
RHA MA750 is a wireless set of earphones which will give you sporty and comfy feel at the same time. Like the neckband, it is a sturdy set of aluminium earpieces holding the battery and the inline playback controls. As these are sporty earphones, they will not pop out of your ear or irritate you again and again while you are running, playing or you are in a gym. Although, the neckband will bounce a bit.

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Charged on USB-C, this set can give you 12-hour battery life up straight. Also, the device is made water-resistant and feature a three-button inline volume and playback control. The set uses the magnet on the end which can stick the earpieces together when you are not listening to any music. The sound quality is amazing with sharp treble and clear tunes. Solid and balanced bass is the cherry on the cake- RHA MA750 has all that. The rock solid wireless earphones deliver fair sound with its premium build- overall, giving performance par excellence.

Best for when money is no object: Master & Dynamic Me03

Pros: Par excellent sound quality, sumptuous build plus looks, gentle to ears in fitting
Cons: No noise cancellation, noisy cable
Though Master & Dynamic is the new company comparing it with other audio products giants, still this company’s products have done wonders. is a prime example of it.

This set of earpieces is stunning. These are thin, sleek, and stylish. The colours are given such importance that from the first sight, you fall in love with them. The earphone is paired with a microphone and a three-button inline volume and playback control. Just like the Me01, this earphone doesn’t offer anything bizarre but subtle changes.

When the premium design meets with a comfortable fit, a magical experience happens. That’s what Master & Dynamics Me03 will give you. The earpieces are very gentle to ears- all thanks to the small and sleek ear tips.

Best prices of the season! Starting at ₹360.

No matter how the design and comfort are, when it comes to earphones first thing that comes to our mind is – the sound quality. Master & Dynamics Me03 is a powerpack earphone set which produces deep and excellent bass with full tonal clarity. The sound comes out from the 8mm Titanium High-Performance drivers. Overall, the Master & Dynamics Me03 is far from the word “Amazing”. It can be because of the amount of cash you have to drop in for buying these.

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The best In Ear Earphones you can buy in 2019

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