Google’s DeepLearn.js: Harness the Power Of Machine Learning Right Inside Your Browser.

Deep learning

Deep learning

CuriousBytes: Google’s efforts towards Machine Learning clearly depicts that it wishes to put Machine Learning in everyone’s hand. Deeplearn.js by Google is a new Machine Learning library that let’s you harness the power of ML in a simple way right inside your Web Browser.

Over the past few years major Tech companies are working hard to reap benefits from Machine Learning. They are exploring unique solutions by leveraging the capabilities of ML to enhance their businesses.

Google is leading a step ahead of all with its simple and efficient Machine Learning algorithms. Google’s TensorFlow has quickly became popular with both researchers and developers as a way to build powerful AI tools. TensorFlow is flexible, reliable, and comes with a big stack of documentation that makes it easy for beginners to get started.

Now to make it even more closer to the beginners, developers and researchers, the search giant has released a new tool called DeepLearn.js which is JavaScript based Open Source ML library.

What is Deeplearn.js?

It is an open source WebGL-accelerated JavaScript library for machine learning that runs entirely in your browser, with no installations and no backend. Yes, DeepLearn.js doesn’t require any complex installations and intense application that require more computational resources. You only need a browser which you already have in your machine.

What’s So Special About DeepLearn.js

There are similar web based Machine Learning libraries existing prior to deeplearn.js but most of them are limited by the speed of JavaScript in existing. When it comes to building web applications JS dominates web realm.

This is where the deeplearn.js has focused to build a powerful and fast library which is not limited by the JavaScript. It offers a significant speedup by exploiting WebGL to perform computations on the GPU, along with the ability to do full backpropagation.

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The design and API of this web based library mimics the design structure of TensorFlow and NumPy, the popular Python based Open Source libraries, known for their speed of execution and processing power.


In its blog post Google has clearly mentioned its vision for future of Machine Learning with such libraries.

It says:

This library will significantly increase visibility and engagement with machine learning, giving developers access to powerful tools while simultaneously providing the everyday user with a way to interact with them. We’re looking forward to collaborating with the open source community to drive this vision forward.

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What do you think of this new library? Is Google democratizing the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? Share your views in the comments below.

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Google’s DeepLearn.js: Harness the Power Of Machine Learning Right Inside Your Browser.

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