Facebook Is Helping Students to Learn How Artificial Intelligence Works.

Artificial Intelligence at FacebookArtificial Intelligence is going to be the new future of Technology. It is definitely going to show a huge impact on our digital lives. AI Technology may soon be equal to or greater than that of human brain. It is finding its ways to evolve as Super Intelligence.

Sientists are researching AI for the past 20 to 30 years but suddenly the topic gets its value because, the big names Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla and many more are investing heavily on Artificial Intelligence. They are working hard to design intelligent products that rely on AI. This would definitely transform our digital lives.

These major Tech players are playing a good game in catering the fruits of AI. Whether it be Driver less cars or it be Super smart Digital Assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana or it might be Some super smart chat bots from Facebook.

Your smartphone, house, bank, and car already use AI on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s obvious, like when you ask Siri to get you directions to the nearest gas station, or Facebook suggests a friend for you to tag in an image you posted online.

All these futuristic super smart products are making their foot steps in the process of evolution to make a better future. The best thing about AI is, it’s not as complex as it sounds.

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So Facebook wants students to learn How Artificial Intelligence works? In order to help students outline the basics. So the Social Network Company, Facebook has initiated a campaign to understand the benefits of AI and demystify the myths about Artificial Intelligence. The campaign calls it “the backbone of many of the most innovative apps and services of tomorrow.”

As a part of this campaign it launched a series of educational videos that help students to visualize AI in a simple manner. In the videos, Facebook’s Yann LeCun and Joaquin Quiñonero Candela tell that interested students must focus on Calc I, Calc II, Calc III, Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics. These videos also explain How Neural Networks work?

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Here are these videos by Facebook on basics of AI:

We suggest you to go through these simple explanatory videos by Yann LeCun.

AI Education – Introduction to AI:



AI Education – Gradient Descent:



AI Education – Convolutional Neural Nets:



AI Education – Machine Learning:



Has these videos helped you understand the basics of AI, Tell us your opinions in the comments below. Also ask any questions that are juggling in your mind, our community might may help you to get clear.

Interested in AI? if you want to dig deep and know what Facebook is doing at it’s Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) lab, read the Full Post.

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Facebook Is Helping Students to Learn How Artificial Intelligence Works.

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