Electrical Testing and Measurement Tools Every Electrician Needs

For any electrical work, the right testing and measurement tools are a must. The electrician’s assessment of a situation is largely based on the results that these tools show. Hence, they need to be accurate at all times.

While some tools like hammers, clamps, and bolts are a part of every toolbox, you also need some sophisticated pieces of equipment. You can find out more from sites like mektronics.com.au Here are some of them.

Non-Contact Voltage Tester.

One of the most-needed measurement tools, the voltage tester, allows you to stay safe and get accurate measurements at the same time. They use modern FieldSense technology, and the open fork design can glide over the conductor with ease. Measure voltage up to 1000 V ac and 200 A ac with this tool, and the slim fit design makes it highly portable.

Clamp Meter

A modern clamp meter is an essential tool that allows you to read the accurate measurements on your smartphone. You do not have to go near the arc flash zone for it. You can measure up to 1000 A ac/dc with the meter and also log the measurements. This can help identify intermittent faults, and you can also send reports from the field.


A digital multimeter can be an effective tool for accurate readings. It has several features like measuring continuity, resistance, frequency, and capacity. You can also use it for integrated non-contact voltage detection. It is also an excellent choice for LoZ functions, Auto Volts, and you can work more productively with its help.

Insulation Tester

You need this tester to detect insulation problems, and then you may read and save the results on the meter itself. You can also access the results remotely and share them with your coworkers via a smartphone. It is a compact instrument that encompasses a true-RMS digital multimeter.

Fluorescent Light Tester

You do not have to worry about the trial and error of fluorescent light testing with this tool. You also get to save a lot of time because it can perform five types of necessary light tests in a single device. You do not have to look for a separate device every time there is a light test. They are pin continuity, non-contact test lamps, ballast, non-contact voltage, and ballast-type discriminator. It can also survive a drop from six feet, depending on the make.

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Earth Ground Tester

This tool helps you to measure earth ground ac leakage without the need for any auxiliary test stakes. You also do not need to disconnect parallel grounds, making it easier for you to conduct tests inside buildings or other closed premises. You can also use it to test on power pylons and any other areas where you might not access sol to place the test stakes. You might connect to a mobile app and review the results remotely.

With these essential measurements and testing tools, you will always be well-prepared on the field. Make sure you buy these tools from a reputed dealer.

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Electrical Testing and Measurement Tools Every Electrician Needs

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