Google released Chrome 52 for Android: Updated with faster load time and better battery life.

Following the release of the latest version of Chrome for Desktop two weeks ago, now its time for the Android lovers to feel the new speed.

Google has tweaked Chrome for Android version 52 to improve video playing and reduce the battery drain.

Normally when we play a video we pause for a while in order to completely load the video that’s pretty much annoying but its all over now, not  in the case of new version of Chrome you can enjoy video watching, surfing and many more without any lag. Apart from the fast Play back speed Chrome 52 also provides less battery consumption which is the biggest concern now-a-days.

Last but not the least, Chrome for Android comes with Data Saver Mode . This means a light version of the video will be downloaded and played, saving upto 50 percent of your data which would be much helpful for all of us.

It’s important to note that these improvements are all centered around HTML5 content. Videos that use plugins or other technologies to play won’t see any gains. Google also points out that the improvements will be most noticeable on short videos, which is fine given that the majority of videos on the web are short clips.

This isn’t a major Chrome version but stressing on how important video playback is on mobile, it’s a great success. Everything is a step by step process and keeps on improving same is the case with Chrome 52 version which is an improvement of Chrome 51.We can expect the next Chrome 53 will be here by September.

Shortly  speaking we can enjoy video playback, less battery drain and data saving with this chrome version. Enjoy the speed  and feel the fun.

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Update your Chrome to experience the faster Web.

Share your feedback in the comments below, and help us improve.

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Google released Chrome 52 for Android: Updated with faster load time and better battery life.

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