This is what happens for every Internet minute.

You are flooded with at least 10 new feeds or notification, even if you keep your eyes away for just a single minute. When you open your e-mail inbox there will be a minimum of five unread mails.As you scroll down through your twitter timeline, new tweets keep on occupying the top place.

This is just the case of a single Internet user. Just imagine what’s going on the World Wide Web in just 60 seconds

We at Curious Post, driven by curiosity collected the data about things happening over the internet in one minute. Get ready to amuse by the statistics and numbers.

1) Let’s get started with Facebook, which never shuts down even for a second. For every 60 seconds nearly 2.46 million posts are being shared. 0.7 million statuses are being updated. 400 Gigabytes of data being uploaded to Facebook servers

300,000 users are logged in and nearly 450 new accounts were signed up.

Coming to the income, Facebook earns nearly 25,000$ per minute. That’s a whopping sum.

Recently Facebook announced that “1 billion users were active on Facebook in a single day” which is in 1 in every 7 people on earth were active.

2) For many of us, Google is the face of internet. Along with you, nearly 4 million users are querying Google for information in just 60 seconds.

3) In this digital world it’s essential to have a website for a every business. This is why nearly 580 websites are born for every minute. 12 websites are becoming victims for hackers and 70 websites are getting registered.

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4)  There is no better platform than LinkedIn to find the right employers. That is why nearly 11,000 candidate details are filtered by the employers and 100 new accounts are getting registered.

5)  It took very less time for Selfie trend to reach everyone. Nearly 270,000 of photos are uploaded to Instagram.

6)  320 new Twitter accounts are born every minute. And the little blue bird hums nearly 270,000 tweets in a minute.

7)  Flickr rescued us from uploading Gigabytes of photos to online. You can view photos just by sharing a link. This Is why nearly 25 million photos were viewed on flickr and 3000 images are uploaded.

8)  Nothing beats Amazon when it comes to e-commerce. The warehouse of A-Z products, sell goods worth 75,000 USD in just one minute.

9)  Besides text messages, WhatsApp stands front in list with its photo sharing capabilities approximately 400,000 of photos are transferred between users.

10)  135 new bot nets are infecting computers worldwide.

11)  Approximately 1.4 millions of users make video call on Skype in a single minute.

12)   More than 100 people will give answers to the questions asked over forums like and

13)   Over 600 videos are being uploaded to YouTube, whose duration is more than 100 hours. The YouTube’s copyright checking software scans videos of duration equivalent to 2.5 Years. 1.3 millions of users spend their time before YouTube  in one minute.

14)  204 millions of e-mails are being delivered across users and 90 million spam mails were being delivered. Over 450 new e-mails accounts are born in a minute.

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15)  Apart from this 6 new Wikipedia pages are being generated and 20 users are losing their login credentials.  Approximately 50,000 apps are getting downloaded.

Totally 700,000 Gigabytes of data is getting transformed over the internet worldwide.

Finally, last but not least by the time you read this article Google earns 100,000 US Dollars.

This is what the internet gains in a minute. Time and Tide waits for none, so spend it wisely.

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  1. Nel says:

    very wise

  2. Check That Math says:

    Is Facebook communicating with the dead or 93 billion alien life forms to get that 100 billion statistic?

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This is what happens for every Internet minute.

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