11 Interesting Facts About Diamonds That You Probably Don’t Know.

CuriousBytes: Everyone love to see and own a Diamond. Diamonds are one of the rarest and most precious stones in the world. So it’s worth knowing more about them and here are some interesting facts about diamonds. These Diamond Facts will really surprise you.

Diamonds are treated as a symbol of love, luxury and eliteness. Irrespective of changes in the fashion trends, diamonds have their own special place in the world of fashion and jewellery. Diamond jewellery is one of the most loved jewellery by women.

Throughout the centuries, diamonds are treated as one of the most valuable things all over the world and in many cultures.

Diamonds are a lattice formation of simple Carbon, the same thing that’s you, your house or the burnt firewood is made of. Carbon is one of the most common elements of Earth.

So let’s dig deeper and know more Curious Facts about Diamonds that you might probably don’t know.

1. The Biggest Diamond:

Cullinan Diamond

Source: Wiki

Cullinan Diamond, The biggest Diamond ever found was 3106 carats and weigh around 133 pounds. It was discovered in the year 1905, in South Africa. The Rough diamond was cut into 9 major pieces and Cullinan 1, the biggest of all is placed at the top of the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross which had to be redesigned in 1910 to accommodate it.

2. The Early Instances:

India is the place of origin for many discoveries and diamonds are no exception to this. There are some records stating that the first ever diamonds were found in India 4000 years ago dating back to 400 BC. Later diamond resources were discovered in Brazil. Today South Africa is the leading producer of Diamonds in the world.

3. The World’s Costliest Diamond:

Pink Star Diamond

Pink Star Diamond

The Pink Star diamond is the world’s costliest Diamond. The pink flawless diamond has been auctioned for a whopping sum of 83.2 million dollars. It is a 59.6 carat(11.92 g) beautiful pink diamond.

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4. Myths and Beliefs About Diamonds:

The word Diamond is derived from the Greek word “Adamas”, which translates to indestructible and invincible.

Ancient Greeks believed that Diamonds were splinters of stars that had fallen to Earth. There is also a belief that Diamonds are tears of God that were rolled down to Earth when Gods cried. Ancient Indians believed that a diamond would protect its wearer from danger.

5. Diamonds for Jewelry:

Only 20% of Diamonds that are mined are of suitable quality to be used for jewellery. The rest 80% of Diamonds that are mined are found useful for various industrial and scientific purposes.

6. Dirt to Diamond Ratio:

To unearth 1 carat of diamond, on an average approximately 250 tonnes of Earth has to be mined. This scarcity is one more reason to add value to the diamonds. This is the ratio of discovering 1 carat of a diamond.

7. The Luxury Diamond Stuff:

No doubt, diamonds add luxury and richness to anything they are studded in. Diamonds are often used to design products that are worth millions which only be purchased by the super rich and here are a few of those precious things made of diamonds.

  • Black Diamond iPhone: This special edition iPhone 5 is worth $15.3 Million and is studded with a rare 26-carat Black diamond along with 600 white diamonds. The Apple logo at the back is designed with Solid Gold and 53 White Diamonds.
  • Yalos TV: The $130,000 Yalos Tv set is equipped with 160 diamonds and white gold trim is one of the expensive TV sets.
  • Heavenly Star Bra: Never show this bra to your women as it would cost you $12.5 million. This luxuries bra, designed by Victoria’s Secret is knitted with 2,900 pave set diamonds and a 101-carat diamond. This is the worlds costliest bra according to Guinness book of records.
  • Chopard Blue Diamond Ring: This diamond ring is designed with rare blue and white diamonds. This is priced at $16.26 million.
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8. Diamonds in Space:

As we know that Diamonds are made up of Carbon, which is found everywhere including space. So diamonds do exist in space and other planets. Some discoveries have proved that there are some white dwarf stars with a diamond core.

9. The Biggest Space Diamond:

Scientists have discovered the biggest diamond in space which weighs about 2.27 thousand trillion trillion tonnes. This biggest space diamond is 10 billion trillion trillion carats. Also in 2004 scientists have discovered a planet that is covered 1/3 rd in diamond and is named as 55 Crancri E.

10. The Diamond Love:

It was Arch Duke of Austria who started the tradition of  Men gifting the woman of his with Diamonds. In 1477 he gave a diamond to Mary of Burgundy to propose her. 75% of all new brides in the US wear a diamond ring.

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11. Real versus fake:

It is hard to differentiate the real diamond from fake as both of them look similar. Artificial diamonds exhibit the same properties both in terms of Physical and Chemical Nature. They look alike as identical twins. Extensive testing needs to be done to spot the lab created diamonds from natural diamonds.

These are some interesting facts about diamonds and hope they might have surprised you. Share this article and tag someone who loves Diamonds and should read these Diamond facts.

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11 Interesting Facts About Diamonds That You Probably Don’t Know.

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