Apple Warns iPhone X Users About The Screen Burn-In Problem

CuriousBytes: Earlier Google’s Pixel 2 smartphones has encountered Screen Burn-In problem. As the iPhone X goes live on sale, Apple has warned its users about the iPhone X screen burn-in issue in the OLED based latest Apple flagship device.

Most of the smartphone companies are now embracing OLED technology and releasing flagship phones fitted with OLED displays. Android users who bought the Google’s latest flagship smartphone Pixel 2, has reported that their latest Pixel phones encountered the screen burn-in problem.

Screen burn-in is a display problem occurring mostly in the case of OLED screens. In smartphones with this issue, a trace of the image is left behind even after another image scrolled on top of it. This occurs mostly when the same high contrast image is continuously displayed for prolonged periods of time.

Google Pixel 2 sports a 6” QHD+ P-OLED Fullscreen 18:9 display and is prone to this issue. Apple has recently announced 5.8″ near bezel-less iPhone X which is the companies most advanced iPhone so far. The 1000$ iPhone X is also fitted with Super Retina 5.8-inch all-screen OLED True tone display.

Since the device comes with an OLED display, The Cupertino giant has released a support document for the iPhone X mentioning about this issue.

The company writes that the iPhone X’s display which meets their “incredibly high standards” is still prone to screen burn-in (also known as image persistence) when it is used for an extended amount of time. Also, the company have stated that they have taken all the efforts to reduce the chance of this issue.

Diving into the code of iOS 11 Golden Mater version, released last month, revealed that the company has tried to implement software measures to mitigate iPhone X screen burn-in issues.


Also, iPhone X users might feel a change in colour and hue of the display when viewed from certain angles. So if you want to avoid these problems of display you have to follow some tips.

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How To Protect iPhone X From Screen Burn-In?

According to Apple, Turning on the auto-brightness mode and reducing the auto-lock timer will help you to avoid these issues. Also, never keep your display ON for prolonged times. Prefer low brightness mode when using media apps like YouTube as they require the screen to be ON for longer times.

It is better to follow the above steps than to spend $275 for the iPhone Screen replacement.

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Apple Warns iPhone X Users About The Screen Burn-In Problem

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