Collection of websites that teach you how to easily fix consumer Electronics and Gadgets.


Do it yourself repair

In this smart world, most of us might possess many electronic appliances and gadgets like LED/LCD TV’S, smart phones, laptops and notebooks.

Everything goes well if they work fine. But it’s really a tough time when they Mal-function or stops working.

In these days hiring a professional to repair them is really expensive as well as a time consuming task to do.

So why not let your hands on repairing your gadgets all by yourself like Pro. In this smart world the internet is at your service. Everything is just one click away from you.

So here is a collection of some really good websites that teach you how to easily fix and troubleshoot consumer electronics and IT hardware problems. or Fast Repair Guide provides repair and troubleshooting information for devices ranging from LCD monitors and computers’ motherboard to inverters and printers.

A comprehensive resource with a database of useful articles and repair guides, it also provides links to electronic projects and component datasheets. It has about 13,215 users in its online community.

Electronic Repair Guide

This site teaches electronics repair in an easy way. Started in November 2006 by a Malaysian repair technician, it helps shorten the fairly steep learning curve for those who are new to the repair field.

Apart from repair of devices like LCD monitor, printer, CRT TV, LCD TV and plasma TV, the site also features electronic components testing, basics of electronics, technical jokes and technical courses.


This is collection of online documents called the Sci.Electronics.Repair (S.E.R) FAQ, providing information on a variety of topics including consumer electronics repair, general electronics, lasers and optics.

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It has been developed for the hobbyists, tinkers, engineers, weekend mechanics and everyone interested in electronics.


Laptop repair isn’t as hard as the guys down the repair shop would have you believe. Here is a site that gives you step-by-step instructions for replacing components, photos for jobs that are specific to a particular make of machine, guides to help you troubleshoot problems on your notebook, fixes for commonly encountered issues on different makes of machines and lots of good laptop repair info!

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In 2005, too many product manufacturers were neglecting post-purchase customer support. Frustrated by the lack of practical post-purchase information, entrepreneur Yaniv Bensaden set out to build a community resource capable of providing relevant and up-to-date troubleshooting data.

Today FixYa continues to empower individuals to repair and improve upon their already purchased possessions. From fixing cars to cameras iPhones, FixYans are part of a DIY revolution that helps empower techies, tinkers and hobbyists across the globe.

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Collection of websites that teach you how to easily fix consumer Electronics and Gadgets.

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