Google to enter the Messaging arena with its new intelligent App.

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Google is reported to be building a new messaging app backed up by Artificial Intelligence. This new intelligent app will let users chat with friends or text a Google bot for answers to your question juggling your brain.

With this new ChatBot technology, finding answers will be more easy and simple. This new messaging app is capable of doing everything that a normal Google search can, but the interesting thing that makes you jump off the seats is, everything is done inside a messenger app, in a more user friendly and simple way, that’s as easy as texting a friend for some answers.

Users will be able to text friends or a chat bot, which will scour the web and other sources for information to the questions.

-The WSJ wrote

When it comes instant messaging services. Google is for behind its strong competitors like whatsapp, we chat and facebook messanger .

Facebook recently announced the launch of ‘M’ inside messenger, which is something similar. Facebook’s ‘M’ involves both artificial and human intelligence to help users in finding answers and completing tasks. With messenger, Facebook aims to strengthen the messenger platform by making it a one stop store for all your internet activities.

This act from Google clearly hints that it doesn’t want to lose its dominance to its strong rivals. Nothing beats Google in searching and internet niche. With access to tonnes of information on the web, Google can really assist you in finding the exact information required for you.

Google entered the payment platform with its Android Pay and gave a tough competition to Apple and Samsung and now it’s trying  to win the messaging arena  with this new service.

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Next time when Facebook launches ‘M’, it has to face heat from the Google. The name of the service and the launch date has not yet been announced from the internet giant. We will inform you once its official.

There is no doubt that with this new app Google might replace your friend who would  answers your every silly questions.

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Google to enter the Messaging arena with its new intelligent App.

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