Methods to Boost Your Company’s Product Marketing

Product marketing is the process of launching a product into the market, from start to end. The positioning of the product, packaging, labelling, branding, logo and advertising, promotion, increasing awareness, etc. is all part of product marketing. The main aim being, to increase demand and regular usage of the product throughout its lifecycle. 

For a business, good product marketing is crucial for their product to stand out from the rest. Many businesses either have a product marketing manager on their team or use the services of one from a marketing agency. 

The most important factor when launching a product is the pricing as this could make or break the product. If priced too high, interest generated will quickly fizzle out, if priced too low, customers may perceive your product to be underpowered. Product marketing can help a business understand the following. 

  • Teaches a business about their competitors and the marketing strategies they use. 
  • Makes sure that the marketing, product, sales and manufacturing team of a business are on the same page and operate in sync with each other. 
  • Assists a business to strategically position their product in the market. 
  • Allows the business to understand what customers want and helps to meet expectations. 
  • Helps in boosting revenue and improving sales numbers, reducing unnecessary expenditure.

What is the Product Marketing Process?

A product marketer will analyse the market first, before targeting a specific user base. The process they use is listed as follows. 

Product Research

Prior to the date of the product launch, product marketers will work hand in hand with the product’s development team and rigorously test the product in simulated real world conditions, carried out in controlled environments. 

Product Story

Products that are set to release in the market should have a story in order to stand out from the rest. The product should convey what it does, the problem it is aiming to resolve, the people it is meant for and what it does that their competitors do not.

Product Focused Content

Product marketers will handle all the content related to the product. The content created will tailor around the functions of the product, the importance of it and the core nature of what it aims to solve. 

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Product marketers will make drafts and testing copies for blog content, website landing pages, case studies, social media content, etc. to check which one is the most suitable before finalizing the launch. 

Product Launch Meeting and Initiation

Once the product is ready for launch, a complete market simulated test run will be conducted to ensure that all the features and components of the product are functioning as advertised, without any hiccups. The entire product team will be present to witness the test run. If all goes well, the product marketer will go ahead with the product launch and start the rollout and deliveries to customers.

Product Sales Enablement

The product marketer will meet with the sales team to push additional product marketing strategies once the product has hit the market, to capitalize on the buzz. They will aim to reach out to influencers, partners and existing customers for comments and reviews to generate demand and awareness since their product has newly entered the market. 

How Do Businesses Hire Developers Online?

In today’s world, there is an abundance of developers available. As digital marketing has rapidly grown, so has the increasing demand for developers. Businesses looking to stay relevant need to establish a strong online presence. However, not all businesses have the financial resources to hire developers on a full-time basis. 

Due to this, more and more companies are availing the services of freelance developers online. If you are a business owner in an urgent need of a developer, first consider the following. 

  • Search for developers on reputed online sites such as GitHub, Upwork, Guru, etc. These sites have their members go through a screening process before their information is displayed. 
  • When selecting potential candidates, ensure that you ask about their previous developing experiences, which developing field they specialize in and if possible, view samples of their work (apart from their portfolio) to check if their capability fits your needs.  
  • Once you have selected your developer, make sure that you both agree on a project budget or an hourly rate before the project begins. This way you will not underpay or overpay for the developer’s services.
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The Best Websites to Find a Freelance Developer


LinkedIn is one of the  go-to websites for business owners looking to connect with professional developers. Similar to other freelance websites, you can use LinkedIn to post an advert that indicates what type of developer you require and for what purpose. 

Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee is a website portal that connects employers with freelance developers from India. The average prices for a freelance developer’s services tend to be less than those listed on other websites. If you have any financial restraints that prevent you from hiring a lead developer, you can check Virtual Employee as their pricing rates may fit your budget. 


GitHub is more of a developer community rather than a freelance job site. The community is made up of experts, professionals and pioneers that all work together to build industry leading software. All its members are highly skilled in all types of software development. If you hire developers online from GitHub, your project will receive the best solutions from top notch developers.

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Methods to Boost Your Company’s Product Marketing

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