Car Fleet + Smart GPS Tracker Equals More Productivity

There has been tremendous growth in technology over the past few years, and the automobile industry hasn’t been far behind. Whether you own a car fleet for providing commute services to your employees or for the transit of goods, proper fleet management is vital for improving both productivity and profit. 

However, at times, you come across specific challenges in managing a car fleet that can be addressed through a smart GPS Tracker. A tracking device not only keeps you informed about the location of your fleet but also helps in keeping an eye on your consignments.

Here are a few ways in which a GPS tracker with camera can of use:

Smart GPS tracker


Managing the Car Fleet


Keeping track of multiple vehicles can be made easier with a smart GPS tracker. It will bring together data from the car fleet, which is stored on the cloud under a central fleet management portal. It will help to store trips data in an organized and accessible manner.

Further, you can use this data from the cloud storage and view the trips made through the playback feature provided by high-end GPS trackers with dash cam. This audio and visual data will help you in data analysis and enable you to increase the productivity of your car fleet. It will help identify problems and improve service for effective fleet management. 


Ensuring Safety and Security


Many people have safety concerns about using a cab service during odd hours. Equipping your vehicle fleet with a location tracker will be key in ensuring a safe travelling experience for passengers. One such smart GPS tracker that you can install in your fleet is KENT CamEye. It comes with many additional features like live video streaming and real-time AI alerts. 

An example of AI Alert is Unkown Driver Detection Alert. If anyone other than the designated driver tries to drive the vehicle, it will immediately recognize the unknown face and send out an AI-based alert to your phone.

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This next-generation GPS tracker also provides a unique two-way calling feature with Live video streaming, which can help you connect with the driver. Moreover, you can keep a check on your driver and ensure the safety of passengers by getting in touch with them from wherever you are.  


Emergency Assistance

There are multiple risks attached to managing a car fleet. In case of an emergency like car breakdown, assistance can be provided immediately with the help of a GPS tracker. A high-end GPS tracker will provide you with the exact whereabouts of the car.  With this information, you will be able to dispatch an emergency vehicle right away.

Efficient Management of Car Fleet

The world is getting more and more connected every day. Along with convenience, new challenges are also emerging that need to be dealt with appropriately. To ensure proper fleet management, you should go for a total-solutions car GPS tracking device like KENT CamEye that comes with advanced features. Some high-end features it provides are dual camera, AI-based alerts, two-way calling, and geo-fencing. 

It is a modern device that offers reliable vehicle security solutions for fleet management. With state-of-the-art technology, it provides everything you would need for car security under one umbrella. The productivity of car fleets can rise to a large extent with a smart GPS tracker like this. You can buy it from Amazon India or Official Website easily and have it delivered to your doorstep. So, book a demo today and experience the benefits that come with this device first-hand.  


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Car Fleet + Smart GPS Tracker Equals More Productivity

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