The Top 10 Tech Destinations To Visit This Year

While everyone else in your life is gearing up for a tropical holiday in the sun, you might be dreading the very idea of it. You’re not particularly interested in spending a week on the beach or being surrounded by tons of tourists, either. So, why not go an alternative route by checking on these incredible top tech destinations.

1. Mountain View, California

computer history museum

computer history museum

It’s home to the Computer History Museum which is completely dedicated to artefacts of the Information Age. This Silicon Valley destination provides you with the opportunity to see a Google Street View vehicle in person, takes you through the history of the Internet, and has exhibits covering computer chess and the Babbage Engine, too.

2. San Jose, California

Here you will find the Tech Museum of Innovation, and it is truly a sight to behold. Not only can you build your own robot, but you can experience an earthquake, too, thanks to a simulator. It’s basically a Disneyland for tech geeks.

3. Seattle, Washington

The Living Computer Museum

The Living Computer Museum

The Living Computer Museum is curated by Paul Allen, who you may recall is the co-founder of Microsoft. There is a vast collection of vintage computers, which you can interact with. While you’re in town, you should visit a couple of other museums – the Flying Heritage Collection and the Experience Music Project; both are projects by Paul Allen himself. The latter features pop culture memorabilia from music and science-fiction, while the former is a collection of his aeroplanes.

4. Cambridge, England

It’s home to the Centre for Computing History, and it’s home to vintage calculators, computers, and game consoles. Be prepared to be impressed because a lot of them are functional, which means you might just have an opportunity to play with some of them. Better yet – they hold lock-ins, which means you can spend the night playing old consoles.

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5. Geneva, Switzerland

Home of CERN, it’s the place for tech lovers to be. It just happens to be the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.

6. Everett, Washington

Boeing Factory

Boeing Factory

The Boeing Factory sprawls over almost 100 acres, has it’s own water treatment plant, fire department, security force, and medical clinic. By volume, it’s the largest building in the world. If that isn’t a cool enough feature to attract you, then perhaps getting to watch a 747 be assembled is. There is a centre on site that offers interactive exhibits and tours are also available. You can get a look behind-the-scenes, but… no photos.

7. Santa Clara, California

Intel museum

Intel Museum

The Intel Museum is located within Intel’s HQ and it is magical. Visitors are welcome to explore the exhibits which provide a history of the products and technology. There are even bunny suits available for children (apparently only children) to try on for size. No, not actual bunny suits – those super cool suits that keep humans from soiling hyper-clean factories.

8. Cape Canaveral, Florida

What is more tech than space travel? Um, nothing, which is why you should definitely visit the Kennedy Space Centre. There are plenty of exhibits and artefacts to check out in the visitor centre and it’s really a must-travel trip, with the likes of Elon Musk and Richard Branson in a space race, who knows how much longer government programmes will have to fund.

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9. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is home to the Akihabara District and if you haven’t heard of it… you’re going to wish you had. It’s basically the place to go for all your gaming needs. You can find a variety of extremely rare (and vintage) games. If you’ve combed the Internet for it and been completely unable to find it, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.

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10. Washington D.C.

International Spy Museum

International Spy Museum

Tech and secret spy stuff kind of go hand in hand, just ask James Bond. Well, Washington DC is home to the International Spy Museum, where you can check out a bunch of CIA technology that is now declassified. Here’s a top tip for you, though, visit off-peak so you can avoid the field trips. You can check out a rectal toolkit (yes, it is literally exactly what it sounds like), enigma machines, and lipstick pistols. It’s like your favourite movies come to life. There’s a James Bond exhibit, too, which features one of his actual cars. Guess what else… you can play a GPS game that takes you on a hunt across the city to unlock a code. Yes, you can pretend to be a real spy. Heaven.

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Check out the new promotions 2018 before you book any of your upcoming trips. You can’t afford to miss out on the incredible discount codes and vouchers. Get your fill of tech, but while you’re in town be sure to check out the local cuisine, as well as other notable tourist attractions that may be of interest to you. There is plenty to see in California, Florida, Switzerland, England, and DC. It can be the trip of a lifetime if you want it to be.

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The Top 10 Tech Destinations To Visit This Year

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