Linus Torvalds Thinks That C++ Sucks And Here Is Why?

Ganesh Venigalla

Besides Gravity, nothing keeps me down😎

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7 Responses

  1. Justin R Hill says:

    Hope he never learns about JavaScript

  2. Kyle says:

    no you idiot, C++ can be faster than C, he’s referring to how messy, leaky, and random the rules of C++ are. Do some research before you write anything else.

  3. Cory Hilliard says:

    Everything Linus says is basically gold. He’s the Louis CK of the programming world. When everyone stops being offended and actually listens to what he has to say, then you’ll understand what his point is. C++ is a HUGE language with a lot of blurry lines when it comes to the rules of the language. As such new programmers will write horribly unstable and leaky code using C++. C is a lot more strict and it is easier to keep track of leaks and such. C was the first language that I fell in love with because the code finally made sense to me. It was beautifully strict and simple. My prof in college told me you could actually learn C in a day, but it took him a week to explain it all 🙂

    • smartroad says:

      My first programming language was BBC BASIC that I loved. I was only 13 or 14 at the time though.

  4. Tatsuo says:

    I took a programming class once. I got a C.
    That’s a little programming joke I like to use here and there. You can borrow it.

  5. IceDragon says:

    You know, there’s a difference between “calling C++ programmers as substandard programmers” and saying that “a lot of substandard programmers use it”. Just because a lot of kids drink and drive doesn’t make all kids drunk drivers…

    “When it comes to speed of execution nothing beats C.”, except when you know how to write better Assembly than your C compiler… then this is incorrect as well…

    I don’t even know what the point of this article is, other than [mis]interpretations of one or two specific things the guy behind Linux wrote somewhere… :

  6. Mario Möller says:

    It’s gonna be bad when the Linux kernel isn’t in his hands anymore… People are going to start slipping in all the awful code… Sorry but, the reason he’s still in charge is because nobody appeals to efficiency in code as he does.