Ubuntu users, It’s Time For an Upgrade to Patch Serious OpenSSL Vulnerability.

Ganesh Venigalla

Besides Gravity, nothing keeps me down😎

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5 Responses

  1. Juan Pablo Firrincieli says:

    Dude where it’s the CVE or USN number? I think that you got this wrong…

    • CuriousPost says:

      Hi buddy for an in depth info please refer Ubuntu source mentioned at end of article

    • CuriousPost says:

      It was from the official Ubuntu blog and you can please refer the source provided below. Thank you buddy

      • Juan Pablo Firrincieli says:

        Please check the CVE’s 3 of them are low priority and one medium, there’s 0 high or critical priority so the “serious” part it’s minimum a mistake.
        Also no hack or use of any of this vulnerabilities exist right now on the wild and the article it’s 2 days late.
        This kind of articles are no good for the Linux, OpenSSL and Ubuntu environment, please consider the next time to look at the CVE’s and USN’s priority before using words like serious flaw. 😉