For Sale: Nearly 1 Million Gmail And Yahoo Accounts Details Are Being Sold On Dark Web By Hackers For 25$.

While the security experts are working hard to make the web a better place, hackers are equally working hard to exploit things by exploring vulnerabilities in systems. The recent Yahoo security breach, that compromised over 1 billion user accounts is one of the biggest online hacks in history.

This incident proved how powerful hackers are. Not only Yahoo, many popular sites including LinkedIn, Tumblr, MySpace, Last.FM and were exposed previously.

And now a recent incident has been disclosed where cybercriminals were found selling Gmail and Yahoo account details on Darkweb.

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Full Story:

Darkweb is an online marketplace where one can find access to illegal stuff like weapons, hacker tools and cloned sim cards etc. And now it has become a venue for the user account and password details.

A cybercriminal going by the handle of “SunTzu583” is selling millions of Gmail and Yahoo accounts on a dark web marketplace. The details were up for sale this week and show SunTzu583 is selling 100,000 Yahoo accounts acquired from Last.FM breach in 2012, which exposed nearly 43 million user accounts. These accounts include usernames, emails and their passwords in a plain text format. The price for this listing is only 0.0079 BTC (USD 10.75) probably because the data is already out in public.

These details were being sold in the form of packages which are available as follows:

  • 100,000 Yahoo accounts for 0.0084 Bitcoins ($10.76).
  • Another 145,000 Yahoo accounts for 0.0102 Bitcoins (USD 13.75).
  • 500,000 Gmail accounts for 0.0219 Bitcoins ($28.24).
  • Another 450,000 Gmail accounts for 0.0201 BTC (USD 25.76).
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These details were sourced from various hacks that happened previously.

How to protect your details?

It is us who create things and it is again we who exploit things. The difference lies in the path we choose. As a user, we can protect our online presence by following some security measures. Here are some this that help you.

  • Avoid using the same password while registering with third-party applications, because when they get breached your original data gets exploited.
  • Use Two-factor authentication measures to ensure additional security.
  • Always change your passwords frequently.

For a more detailed guide on protecting your online presence, you can go through this guide.

If you want to safeguard your social media activities, go through this article that assists you to protect your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Final thoughts:

With more digital advancements it’s becoming a puzzling question about an average Internet user’s security. So what do you think, are we safe online. Share your opinions through comments below.

If you are using Gmail, then there is a way to check and secure your Gmail account from unauthorized access. Follow this guide to learn more.

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For Sale: Nearly 1 Million Gmail And Yahoo Accounts Details Are Being Sold On Dark Web By Hackers For 25$.

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