CYBORG Hawk Linux: The Next Generation Penetration Testing Distro.

The world of Linux is quite resource full. It will accommodate every user into it understanding his requirements. Linux is the most preferred choice for Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security experts.

There many distributions(Distros) available. Some of the popular Linux distributions for security are Kali Linux, Parrot security OS and BlackArch Linux. Well there are many other Linux distributions that are being developed for the next generation.

Cyborg Hawk Linux is one among them which is being developed to make it as a world’s most powerful and beautiful Distro for penetration testing, and the best alternative to Kali Linux.

Cyborg Hawk Linux 1

Introduction to Cyborg Hawk Linux:

Cyborg Hawk Linux is Ubuntu based Linux distribution targeted for Cyber Security researchers , Ethical hackers and network administrators. It is also designed to cater the needs of digital forensics.

The real motive of CYBORG Hawk Linux is to understand that a tester requires a strong and efficient system,that benefits from a strong selection of tools, integrated with a stable linux environment.

Features of CYBORG Hawk Linux:

Cyborg Hawk Linux features

This Linux distribution has a huge list of features that come in handy. Here are few features of this beautiful Distro.

Exploitation Toolkit:-

Toolkit to test the integrity of your IT Infrastructure to secure your machines from external threats.

Reverse Engineering:-

Reversing the core code for the analysis by going backwards through the development cycle


It helps find the digital evidence in any investigations by interpreting the electronic data.

Stress Testing:-

Determine the amount of stress your computer, network, program or device can bear. Also analyses how much load can your network with withstand.

Mobile Security:-

This feature greatly helps to find vulnerabilities and flaws in many popular smartphone operating systems.

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Wireless Security:-

Secure your wireless world. Cyborg have top level tools to test your security.

Strengths of CYBORG Hawk Linux:


The things that distinguishes it from other popular players are its


Cyborg Hawk Linux has a wide range of tools that are user-friendly for both beginners and experts.

Cyborg Hawk Linux Download:

Interested in trying out this feature-rich Linux distribution. Well you can download it from here.

The Distro is available as both live and bootable ISO images. It is available in a 64-bit format version. You can download the latest version of CYBORG Hawk Linux from the official link.

Tell us if you are interested in trying out this beautiful Linux alternative to Kali. Also share your experiences if you have already tried it.

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CYBORG Hawk Linux: The Next Generation Penetration Testing Distro.

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