Download Traffic Rider(MOD APK and Original): Unlock Everything For Free

Traffic Rider APK

Traffic Rider APK

CuriousBytes: Traffic Rider is a trending bike racing game with good graphics. Download the Traffic Rider APK latest version. Unlock the in-game features for free using Traffic Rider MOD APK. Learn more about the Next-Gen Endless Bike Racing Game.

Racing games are one of the most loved and most played gaming genre. Nobody wants to miss the heart-pounding thrill that gets unleashed only while playing racing games. With the advent of modern smartphone ecosystem, thousands of racing game titles are available for free across various app stores. One can enjoy the joy of riding at their fingertips with these thrill-packed games.

Android is the most popular mobile Operating System and when it comes to the availability of racing games for the platform, there is a plenty of them on the Google Play Store. And they are the staple of PlayStore with millions of downloads. Some of these are free, while the other comes with premium model. You can even find freemium games with limitations on key features.

It is hard to pick the best racing game from this heap with tonnes of features like cool graphics, nice machines and best scenes. So we have taken the job for you and found an addictive motorbike racing game.

Traffic Rider Game:

Traffic Rider is one of the best racing games that is being embraced by millions of Android racing game fans. The game is getting popular every day with millions of downloads. Here is everything you need to know about Traffic Rider. Download Traffic Rider APK and start exploring your racing skills.

The game is a Next-Gen endless Bike Racing game. The game stands apart from other games by letting you race against time instead of competing with fellow riders. It’s an infinite runner, wherein you have to complete missions to explore and unlock more game features. You don’t need to play the same game of being circled inside a racing track.

Traffic Rider APK Details

App NameTraffic Rider
DeveloperSoner Kara
Size99 MB
Downloads100 Million

How To Play Traffic Rider Android Game?

As a rider, you can choose between four game modes which include Career, Endless, Time Trial and Free Ride. Initially, all these modes are locked except Career mode. The other modes get unlocked as you go deep into the game and level up your skills. As soon as you complete and reach the first level the endless mode gets unlocked.

The more missions you complete the more in-game cash and gold you win with each mission. This in-game cash can be used to buy some cool looking bikes with better abilities. As a starter, you can race with cool looking FZH Turbo bike. The game has a good collection of Vintage and latest high-end bikes.

As we mentioned earlier that one has to complete missions, these missions include reaching the finish line in a stipulated time, Overtaking the vehicles closely at a higher speed within a time limit.

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Traffic rider 5Traffic Rider2

Traffic Rider Game Features:

Traffic Rider takes the endless racing genre to a whole new level by adding a full career mode, first-person view perspective, better graphics and real-life recorded bike sounds. The essence of smooth arcade racing is still there but in the shell of the next generation. Ride your bike on the endless highway roads overtaking the traffic, upgrade and buy new bikes to beat the missions in career mode.

  • First Person View of the gamer gives a realistic driving experience.
  • Huge Collection of bikes which include vintage, Old School, High end, and Racing Bikes.
  • The realistic gaming sounds give you additional driving experience.
  • Best background scenes and environment with day and night variations.
  • Challenging Career mode with 70+ missions.
  • Multiple language support.
  • In-app purchases to buy coins, gold and bikes.

Game Modes In Traffic Rider:

Career Mode:

  • Complete missions while driving as fast as you can.
  • Try to get highest scores with your driving skills to level up quickly.
  • Overtake vehicles closely to get a bonus time.

Endless Mode:

  • Drive as far as you can.
  • Going at crazy speeds can give you more speeds.


  • The faster you ride, the better score you get
  • Get golden coins to get more score
  • To unlock Superbikes earn more cash.
  • Purchase anything to unlock all motorcycles and remove ads
  • In Endless mode try to overtake the side of the cars closely. This way you will not decrease much speed. Avoid direct hits.
  • Slow down when you see the train. It’s hard to jump over the railway with high speed without a crash.
  • If you want to test motorcycles or check their max speed, do it in Endless or free mode. These are timeless modes.
  • If you have an Internet connection you can recover from the crash and get additional time one time by watching a short video.

Traffic rider 4Traffic rider 3

Traffic Rider APK Download:

The Traffic Rider APK is available for free on Google Play store and you can download and install it directly on your phone. The game has a Download Size of 99 MB and can be download in just below 10 Minutes provide you have a good internet connection.

If you don’t want to navigate and search for the game on Playstore app here is a quick download link to Traffic Rider APK.

What did We Love?

  • Best graphics and controls.
  • No performance issues like lagging and battery drain.
  • Best background scenes and music effects, especially thunderstorms and rainy days.
  • Challenging missions and game modes.
  • It’s addictive.

What We hated?

  • The in-app settings and their navigation aren’t friendly.
  • It’s hard to search for gaming options.
  • Too many ads with high duration.
  • Huge storage requirements (99 MB download size).

Traffic Rider MOD APK:

Here is a word about Traffic Rider MOD APK. The game has in-app purchases to unlock many features. You can buy game cash, gold, bikes, unlock levels and skip missions. You need spend some real cash for that and they aren’t that wallet-friendly.

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But if you want to still play the game with unlimited cash and gold you can try out the Traffic Rider MOD APK, to unlock everything for free-spending hard earned cash.

MOD APK’s are nothing but the modified apps of original versions that let users unlock everything that is limited in the original version. The Traffic Rider MOD APK will unlock unlimited cash and gold for you along with bikes and scenes.

We tried the MOD APK and we haven’t really enjoyed it like the original version as it isn’t challenging anymore playing with everything unlocked. If you still wish to try the Traffic Rider mod APK, you can use this link.

Features Of Traffic Rider MOD APK:

If you still wish to download the latest version of Traffic Rider APK MOD, You can learn more information about its features, usage and more.

One can enjoy several benefits by downloading the modded version of Traffic Rider. The benefits include the following.

  • Unlimited Gold: By downloading the Traffic Rider MOD APK you can get Unlimited Gold in the game.
  • Unlimited Cash: By using the latest version of Traffic Rider APK MOD, you earn unlimited cash with which you can unlock more goodies in-game.
  • Extra Lives set to Max value: As the game modes include time limits and limits on lives, the mod version can really help you to get rid of these limits.
  • All Store items unlocked and activated: Like every other game Traffic Rider has an in-game store from which you can buy cool looking bikes. But in order to buy them, you need cash. But with the help of the MOD version, you can unlock them directly.
  • Ad Free version: Ads might be annoying to someone and if you don’t like ads interrupting your game then you may get rid of them with the help of Traffic Rider MOD version. You may optionally choose to buy the ad-free version of the app from PlayStore as it helps the developer.

Final Verdict:

The game is a feast for the racing game lovers. It offers good graphics and visuals. We haven’t observed any performance or lagging issue during our usage over a week. The game is as smooth as driving and the race against time really thrilled us. The missions made us stick to the screen for longer times. The only issues we observed is that it consumed heavy space storage in the device. Apart from it, everything is good and entertaining.

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Download Traffic Rider(MOD APK and Original): Unlock Everything For Free

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