Highly Addictive Facebook and Messenger Games

CuriousBytes: Facebook is home to many popular games like Candy Crush, Subway surfers, Farmville and Dragon City. These games have seen tremendous success with Facebook. Now there are thousands of games on Facebook and finding a best Facebook game is really tough and challenging. So here we have picked some of the most played Instant games on Facebook and Facebook messenger. The list includes best Facebook instant games, war games, Arcade and strategy and entertaining games.

I’m pretty sure that no one needs any Introduction to Facebook, The most popular Social Media site. With nearly 2 Billion+ monthly active users Facebook has deeply penetrated into the world and it is inseparable. Most of the Facebook users log in to the app daily and Facebook knows how to make its users hook to the platform.

Games on Facebook are really exciting and entertaining. The concept of social gaming is popular on Facebook where you can play games by connecting with other people on Facebook.

As of now the gaming on Facebook is huge and there are thousands of game titles. Also, Facebook Instant games can be played on both Facebook mobile and messenger. The Game store is cluttered with some junk games as well. It is a time-consuming task to search for the best games on Facebook.

So to take the pain out of you we have filtered out some of the most played and popular games ever on Facebook and categorized them into the following list so check out these games and pick your favorite and start challenging millions of players.

Did You Know: There is a Hidden Chess game Inside Facebook Messenger.  Access it Right Now!

Why Should I Try Facebook Instant games?

You may be wondering why should someone Play these tiny little Facebook Messenger games? There is an interesting answer to this question. You might be playing several games by downloading games from app stores. But these games can only be played individually. But Instant games or messenger games on Facebook are social games that can be played with your friends and help you poke your old school friends and colleagues. You can enjoy some social fun.

Apart from this, you don’t have to install apps for every game you wish to try, all you need is a single Facebook app and they can be launched instantly inside it. So you can try thousands of games without installing them. This is the best option for users who own budget Android devices that are bound to low internal memory and for those who are looking for low memory Android games.

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So here are some totally worth Facebook Instant game suggestions that one must try.

List Of Best Facebook Games 2020

Facebook Instant Games

Here is the ultimate collection of best games you can play right now with your friends.

List Of Facebook Instant Games for Messenger

Facebook Messenger games are quick games you can easily play right inside Messenger and Facebook mobile app. These are HTML 5 based games and you don’t have to install flash player to play these games. You can play these games with your friends and challenge them with your scores.

Here are some of the best visually stunning Instant games on Facebook.

1. EverWing:

This is by far the best Instant game on Facebook entertaining more than 10 Million Facebook users. The game has a simple theme and falls into the category of Arcade. It is an HTML 5 based game with stunning graphics and visuals. The best part of the game is its events which is similar to completing missions in a stipulated time frame.

This is a shooter game. The most loving part of the game is tiny little dragons and monsters that are part of this game.

Game Theme:

Select your Guardian and Sidekicks and then head into battle! Each possesses unique powers that combine to help them to fight through an endless horde of monsters! Challenge powerful Bosses and Monsters to defend the realm of EverWing! Team up with your friends in Boss Raids to destroy the most powerful Bosses for even greater rewards!


  • Stunning Visuals
  • Always updated with latest events.
  • Playing Together with friends is fun


  • Same Gameplay every time and there isn’t anything new.
  • Missions take too much time to complete.
  • There isn’t any proper guide or info about completing missions.

Game Stats:

  • Total Players: 10 Million+
  • Availability: Facebook Mobile, Web and Messenger.
  • Type: Facebook Instant Games.

2. Golden Boot:

It is Soccer game that can be played instantly on Facebook. If you are a Soccer lover and want to spend your free time in Playing soccer online, then this is the best game to try as it doesn’t require the installation of an app. You can quickly launch it from the  Facebook mobile app itself.

Game Theme:

Put your free-kick skills to the test in Golden Boot!

Bend your kicks around the wall and try to beat the goalkeeper with a flick of your finger! Compete with your Facebook Friends to see who can top the leaderboard, or challenge specific friends in a head-to-head duel.

Points are earned each time you score, but watch out – the keeper is in fine form and is ready to block anything that comes his way. Place your kicks around the edge of the goal or hit the targets to earn maximum points.

In Single-Player mode, you only have 3 missed or saved shots available, so try to keep your shots on target! When playing in a Duel, each player has 45 seconds to score as many points as possible.

Pirlo, Beckham, Ronaldinho…can you add your name to the list of the greatest free-kick takers ever? Let’s see what you’ve got!

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  • Easy to Play
  • Best game to pass time.
  • Challenging


  • It is not comparable to real Soccer.
  • Apart from kicking the ball to the net, there isn’t really anything.

Game Stats:

  • Total Players: 8 Million+
  • Availability: Facebook Mobile, Web and Messenger.
  • Type: Facebook Instant Games.

3. UNO

UNO Facebook Instant game

You might be familiar with the popular card game UNO. Well, this is the online version of the UNO card game which you can play with your Facebook friends. You can even play with random friends on Facebook and messenger.

The game has several modes to try and play.

Game Theme

The theme is very much similar to that of the card game. Just like the card game, you stack cards that match with similar colour or number which is present on top of the card stack. This instant messenger game will reward you with coins if you stand in first place. If you stand in the last place you lose coins. In this way, you have to earn coins and play with others.

You can also earn coins by referring your friends and inviting them to play.


  • Different game modes.
  • random mode and simple design.
  • built-in live chat with other players.


  • No high-end visuals.
  • Looks like old school design.

Game Stats:

  • Total Players: 7.2 Million+
  • Availability: Facebook Mobile, Web and Messenger.
  • Type: Facebook Instant Games.

 4. Basketball FRVR:

It is a very simple game and all you need to do is to shoot the basketball into the net accurately. The more accurate the more you can score. The game is similar to the hidden basketball game inside messenger that can be triggered by sending a Basketball Emoji to your friend.

Game Theme:

You need to shoot the ball in continuous turns, if you miss the net you need to start again from the beginning. The more you score the better you can rank on your friends. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, the board changes its position to increase the difficulty and you should not miss it. You can even shop for new balls with the gold coins you collect in the game.


  • Very simple game to play with friends.
  • Best to kill your Boredom.
  • Will improve your accuracy.


  • Always prompts you to invite or play with friends.

Game Stats:

  • Total Players: 9.4 Million+
  • Availability: Facebook Mobile, Web and Messenger. (Best To play on Mobile)
  • Type: Facebook Instant Games.

5. 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip

8 ball pool instant game

8 Ball Pool is one of the most famous board game and Miniclip has successfully taken the game over all other games of the similar kind. It is worlds best pool game and is available on various mobile platforms. To make the game more popular Miniclip has also launched the lighter version of them on Facebook Instant games platform where players can play the game without any hassles.

Game Theme:

I think one doesn’t need any introduction on how to play the game. You need to hit the balls to the holes with the help of Cue as per the game rules. It is a One on One game wherein you have to challenge against another person.


  • It is a massively multiplayer game to play with friends Online.
  • Even though it is a lighter version it has all the features and graphics.
  • The tutorial will help you get started easily.


  • It takes time to load completely and consumes more resources.
  • Can only be played with friends who are online and are available. If they don’t respond you have to choose another.
  • Doesn’t work on PC.

Game Stats:

  • Total Players: 6 Million+
  • Availability: Facebook Mobile and Messenger.
  • Type: Facebook Instant Games and other platforms.

6. Chess

Chess Facebook Instant game

Chess is definitely the best board game to sharpen your mind. It helps kids to think and grow. These days not everyone really play on physical chess boards. The online versions of the Chess game are available on every platform and there several titles for the most popular board game.

The online version of Chess game has various advantages. One can play oneself with machines and improve their strategy.

So if you don’t want to install another app for playing chess on your mobile, you can play instantly inside the existing Facebook app.

Game Theme:

It is a strategical and logical game in which you have to defeat your opponent with your strategy and logic. The instant game On Facebook has different modes like Blitz, Classic and Time Attack which are time bounded. You can even play with your friends or the game will choose a random player. You can check the leaderboard as well.

Also if you want to be a geek you can try out the hidden chess game inside messenger.


  • Multiple game modes.
  • Can play with random players.


  • Not a visual feast.
  • Game sounds aren’t good.

Game Stats:

  • Total Players: 3.4 Million+
  • Availability: Facebook Mobile and Messenger.
  • Type: Facebook Instant Games and other platforms.

7. Words with Friends:

This is the digital version of the childhood game word building that most of us played to skip boring classes. If you want to get back to your childhood you can do that with this game. These game will help you to recollect those childhood days. Moreover, this is an interesting game for kids and helps them to develop word power.

Game Theme:

You have to fill the boxes with meaningful words. Words with more letters will reward you with better scores. You can play this again with your childhood friends or with random people on Facebook.

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  • Best multiplayer game.


  • You need to be very patient to play this game as you have to wait for the other person to play this game.
  • Doesn’t feature any animations.

8. Bike Race Free

It is a simple racing game to play. If you don’t expect high end visuals then this game will surely entertain you in free time. It is very simple game with very sensitive dynamics.

Game Theme:

It is very simple. All you need to do is to reach the finish line on your bike without breaking your neck. There will be several pits and heaps on which you have to jump over them without falling.


  • Nice game for children.
  • Very low in size.


  • No graphics.
  • Game mechanics are not so interesting.

Game Stats:

  • Total Players: 3.6 Million+
  • Availability: Facebook Web
  • Type: Facebook Instant Games and other platforms.

9. Cookie Crush:

Love Candy Crush? Then you will surely like this lighter version of the Candy Crush Saga. This isn’t the official version of the game but a similar game which can be played instantly on Facebook and Messenger.

Game Theme:

The theme of the game is pretty much familiar to you as it resembles Candy Crush Saga. You have to match the cookies to crush them and earn points and rewards. Also, you have to complete missions to move onto next level. This is an alternative to Candy Crush but a similar game that doesn’t require the installation of any other app. It is fast and exciting.


  • Easy to play.
  • Not many odds.
  • Doesn’t require you to send hundreds of requests.
  • Offers many rewards.


  • No challenging levels.
  • No mods available to unlock levels and powers.

Game Stats:

  • Total Players: 2.3 Million+
  • Availability: Facebook Mobile and Messenger.
  • Type: Facebook Instant Games and other platforms.

10. Sonic Jump by SEGA

Sonic Jump Instant Game on Facebook

A very interesting that can be played on mobile. It seems to be simple and kiddish but is a very addictive game. The game character, Sonic the Hedgehog is very active that you have to make a jump over the floating boulders and take it to the top.

Game Theme:

Help Sonic, the Hedgehog reach as high as possible. The more you go high the more you earn points. It is a motion control game and can only be played on mobiles.  A tap on the screen will boost the ability of Sonic to jump high. This way you can reach more height and score better than your friends.


  • Very quick to load.
  • Simple user interface and no clutter.
  • It is a game from SEGA.


  • Irritating ads.
  • Ad bait as game life.

Game Stats:

  • Total Players: 2.3 Million+
  • Availability: Facebook Mobile and Messenger.
  • Type: Facebook Instant Games and other platforms.

Final Thoughts:

To mention there are thousands of Instant games on Facebook and it is a never-ending list that is being updated with hundreds of new apps and games every day. But what do you prefer over Quality and quantity? Everyone wishes to try out new games but they don’t want to get disappointed with a poor game quality.

And that is provoked me to write this list of best Instant games on Facebook. Even I was confused to find the best instant game when I first explored the Instant games section inside Facebook. The titles are very much deceptive and many games are totally disappointing.

So I have personally tried every game and listed out the best instant games to play so that you can enjoy your leisure time in playing interesting fun games with your friends on Facebook.

Facebook isn’t just liking, commenting and sharing photos, it’s more than that. You can get many things from the blue-walled social world. Be it information, be it things happening in your community or friends circle you can get all sort of information from Facebook. Apart from this Facebook is a hub for entertainment. You can watch videos, shows and you can even play Games on Facebook. It is a one-stop place for everything. You can consume all kinds of content on Facebook. On Facebook, you can not only connect with your friends and family but also get entertained with news, videos, and Games.


Note: Just like any other app on Facebook, these Instant Games also access some of your personal information that you have made publicly visible. Keep an eye on what you share with the game developers and we aren’t any way related to these apps. The data you provide is in your interest and we don’t have any responsibility for that. The article is just a suggestion of best games for those who are looking for.

Meanwhile, you can control your privacy settings on Facebook and can manage what information you can share with these third-party apps.

So this is all about the quick Instant games on that can be played on Messenger and Facebook apps.

What do you think about the Facebook Instant games? Are they a good alternative to Android games that consume huge memory and RAM? Are they entertaining? Tell us your views in the comments section below. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get instant updates about the latest reviews and suggestions related to technology.

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