Unlock the hidden chess game inside Facebook Messenger : Here is how to?

Messenger is one of the best tools available from the social networking giant. It helps you to stay in touch with your friends on Facebook.

Facebook is constantly adding exciting features to the Messenger app, with an aim to make it as a platform. Recently it announced the launch of a personal assistant known as M, inside Messenger.

Messenger let’s  you  chat with your friends, send GIF’S, stickers, photos, make audio and video calls and even you can send money to your beloved ones.

Some people do mumble that Facebook is a time killer, but now you can sharpen your skills with this cool chess game inside Facebook Messenger. Want to know how, then continue reading.

Facebook built a hidden game inside the Messenger app that lets you play chess game with your friends without having to install a third party app. All you need to do is to simply type the command “@fbchess play ”  during your conversation with your friend. This would start the hidden chess game inside Messenger.

Instructions for Playing:

  • The person who initiated the game will be assigned whites.
  • Actually playing the game could be a bit tricky though, unless you are familiar with standard chess commands.
  • Each piece is assigned some standard Algebraic notation like:

          B – Bishop,

          R – Rook,

          Q – Queen,

          K – King,

          N – Knight and

          P – Pawn

  • For example if you want to move the third Pawn from the left and move it up one block, you need to type : @fbchess Pc4.
  • Similarly the command @fbchess Nbd2 will move Knight from b-file to d2 block.
  • In this way you can actually control the movement of pieces across the board.
  • Additionally the commands @fbchess undo will undo a move and @fbchess help will give you a list of all the available moves with their respective commands.
  • Meanwhile you can still continue your conversation with your friend simultaneously.
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You can play this game on both mobile and web platforms of Messenger. This mind game will certainly make you spend more time on Messenger.

Messenger as a platform:

Over the years Messenger has been greatly blessed with features. One day you could access the entire web inside the Messenger. Sooner or later it may become the black hole of web.

This would surely transform the dream of Zuckerberg, making Messenger as platform, into reality.

Play On:

So what are you waiting for? Share this post and start playing the game. Go ahead and keep winning. We will be here to share your victory.

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