WhatsApp rolls out another interesting new feature, check it out!


WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app is here with another exciting feature for its 1 billion users.

WhatsApp is constantly releasing new features these days and making texting fun and addictive.

And now it is out with another update and this update will let users share, and forward, messages to multiple contacts or groups at the same time. For example, if you need to share a message, video, photo, etc from an external application or share a message from one chat, to multiple people or groups, just keep tapping the names, and you will see tick marks appearing on them.

This feature will save your time and you will no longer have to send messages to multiple individuals separately.

Previously, multiple forwarding or sharing is not permitted in WhatsApp, and one had to forward the same message each time, separately, making it a boring task.

Also, WhatsApp recently rolled out voicemail feature to help users to leave a feedback or message in case their calls go unreturned or are discarded.

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To experience these features just update your WhatsApp.

Tell us in your comments if you like this new feature in WhatsApp. Share this article with your friends and enjoy this new feature along with the. For more such exciting new updates like us on Facebook.


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WhatsApp rolls out another interesting new feature, check it out!

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